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Title:Fried Rice Recipe [Traditional Japanese Style] / 炒飯

Basic fried rice recipe Japanese style Traditional Japanese fried rice How to cook Yakimeshi fried rice 📖FULL RECIPE: onl.la/UztU44r 🧑‍🍳About me: www.chefslabo.com/about-the-chef 🍙 FAQ about the ingredients: www.chefslabo.com/general-7 FAQ examples: -What is kombu? -Which brand of soy sauce should I buy? -Is there any substitute of sake, mirin, kombu? -How much dashi powder should I use? (Each pages include pictures) ------ (Chapter) 0:00 Prepare ingredients 2:22 About the rice 3:46 Garlic chips 4:45 Cook pork 6:04 Fried rice Thanks for watching CHEF'S LABO (Laboratory)!! If you liked the video, Please hit the 👍 button, and leave me a comment!! That really makes me keep it going!!😁 --------- [The Japanese plates I used in the video] ⭐️5% off⭐️ *You can get 5 % off for anything if you enter the shop from below, or use my promo code: CHEFSLABO [MUSUBI KILN website] musubikiln.com/?ref=chefslabo [Black plate] musubikiln.com/products/hibino-gyro-mino-ware-roun… [Blue bowl] musubikiln.com/products/hibino-ice-mino-ware-round… *International Shipping available. *Discount shipping for over 5000 JPY *Free shipping for over 50000JPY ↑ (The website will show the price in your currency) -------- [⭐️Please support the channel⭐️] youtube.com/channel/UC-BoD8Gx4gsPdmUv4NlA8Jw/join [💻⭐️My Website🌟] www.chefslabo.com/ [📸✨My Instagram!!✨] www.instagram.com/chefslabo/?hl=ja ------- (Recommended videos👀) [Gyoza (Japanese dumpling)] https://youtu.be/TekA6YLyo3s [Garlic fried rice (Teppanyaki style)] https://youtu.be/XrRBJTN3Cjs ------- Ingredients (OUNCE available too) & Written recipe👉 onl.la/UztU44r ------- [Other FAQ] Q: I don't have a strong stove. My rice always end up soggy A: The problem could be one of below ↓ 1: Your rice is too wet Wet rice makes it soggy. So make sure to measure the rice and water properly. And once it's cooked, it's even better if you freeze it once. You will see it break apart lot easier 2: You didn't heat your pan enough The most common mistake. Make sure to heat your pan until "SMOKING" hot. It's impossible to heat your pan very fast like Chinese restaurants, but if you take your time to heat it, you can make similar environment. My stove is a $10 cheap one, but I can still cook like a pro😉 Q: What's my pan? A:It's a brand called "Pro.cooker" Q: What's the brand of my stove? A: Campmaster. I found at a discount store ($10) Q: Can I use different meats? A: Yes you can. Prawn is also a good idea ----- [BGM] Big Time by ikoliks ------ *[About Copyright ] All the contents I made in this channel (Includes videos, text, picture, etc) can not be used in any other forms without permission. If you do, You will be at the risk of being charged with a YouTube Fair Use violation, or legal penalties. So please do not risk your life. CHEF'S LABO videos are only available on YouTube. If you find my contents in somewhere else, please contact me ----- [Business enquiry] www.chefslabo.com/contact ----- #ChefsLabo #ChefLabo #FriedRice #炒飯 #チャーハン


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