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Title:Batch Sewing Fitted Fabric Mask with Metal Nose Bridge - Production Mask Making Tips

Download the pattern here. Be sure to print at 100% and alter it if you are following the directions in this video. Dropbox: https://bit.ly/AranMadePattern GoogleDrive: https://bit.ly/38povQ1

If you like the pattern and want to contribute a couple $ for it, you can do so here: https://www.paypal.me/aranmade

This fitted mask style is similar to the Olson style, but does not have a filter pocket, and I designed this one to tuck under the chin. In my other video I show how to make one mask, but if you are making lots of masks, there are faster ways to make it. Here I show how I've altered this pattern for a faster way to make these masks.

Rotary cutter basics here (skip ahead to 2:00 min in) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DTaf...

Here are answers to some of the FAQ's. Please read before asking questions in the comments.

Nose Wire: I am no longer able to find the wire that I used for the nose bridge in this video, so I started using regular plastic covered twist ties that have a single wire, and I just put two in. Just search online for plastic covered twist tie. I've also heard of people using copper wire (won't rust), florist wire or pipe cleaners. You would want to bend the ends of those options though so they don't poke through.

If you follow the instructions in this video, you want to cut that 1/2" off of the part that goes by the ear. DO THIS WITH ALL PATTERN SIZES. The reason you want to cut 1/2" off the original pattern is because it was designed to have a sleeve that the elastic slides through. You can still do this if you follow the original instructions ( https://youtu.be/Qxd9G6aNTDQ ). This version removes that sleeve and the elastic is sew in instead.

The reason I am doing the elastic the way I do in this video is to make it adjustable. If you are making it for an unknown person, having it so they can adjust it makes for a much better fit. If you just sew a 6" or 7" bit of elastic around the ears and it's a tiny bit too loose and they go to tie a knot in it, it would shorten it by probably an inch on each side making it uncomfortably tight or so that it doesn't fit at all. So by doing this you are allowing for subtle adjustment so that the wearer can dial the fit in just right. That way it's more comfortable and less likely to bother their ears if they wear it all day.

This is the Rotary Cutter I'm using. It's the Olfa Ergonomic, which I feel I can get better leverage with than a straight kind. Also I recently changed my blade: https://olfa.com/craft/product/45mm-d...

If you need a size larger than the template, try printing it at 105% or 107%

Great tip from the comments section: use a lighter to quickly and lightly fuse the ends of the elastic instead of using fray check.

HCP have requested that you use a different fabric for the inside and outside of the mask. That way it is easy to tell quickly which side goes against the face.

Here are directories of hospitals and shelters looking for homemade fabric face mask donations:

Here is the original video with instructions on making one mask, and you can see what it looks like on at the end of this video:

One thing to keep in mind while making these, is that the goal it to get as many perfectly functional masks out as possible, to people who need them, as quickly as possible. So don't get too precious with them, or let your insecurities about your sewing abilities hold you back. They need to function, and looking good is nice too, but anything is better than nothing. As Kay says in this great video, "protection not perfection." https://youtu.be/U4c5eo_3-y0

Thank you to all the HCP and front line workers!! You are heroes!


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