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Title:[#Review] DJI 포켓 2: 오즈모 포켓 1과 달라진 점 비교 리뷰! (feat. 진리의 2세대)

*This video was taken by renting a product from DJI.

Handheld gimbal camera, which was very popular with one-person creators.
DJI Osmo Pocket is back with the 2nd generation new product 'DJI Pocket 2'.

What's the difference with this product that came back after 2 years?
First of all, the angle of picture, and the previous one, "Osmo Pocket," is 80 degrees and "Pocket 2" is 93 degrees wider.
The wide-angle lens, which is an accessory, widens up to 110 degrees.

The image sensor and lens brightness are also improved, allowing you to take a satisfactory level of video in the dark.
It also includes a digital zoom function, which supports 2 times for 4K video shooting and up to 4 times for FHD.
You can zoom up to 8 times when taking 64MP high-definition pictures.

We've got four more main microphones, plus a "matrix stereo system.
You can record better audio by holding the subject sound in more detail.

And the Time-lapse also shortened the interval to a maximum of half a second.
The camera gimbal is also fine-sized, making it more relaxed and smoother than the previous one.

Did the magic word "2nd generation of truth" work for DJI pocket 2?
Check it out with the CNET Korea review!

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0:00 Intro & DJI Pocket 2 Introduction
2:21 Osmo pocket vs. pocket 2, changed appearance
3:15 Broadened angle of view, image sensor, and brightened lens
4:24 Enhanced Audio Function 'Matrix stereo system'
6:13 Visual Quality Comparison (Weekly, Night, Fire Angle
7:23 Battery, Heat Exchanger
8:26 'Creator Combo' Package Unboxing&Acc.
12:11 DJI Pocket 2. What's unfortunate?
13:13 Overall Review


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