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Title:barry & iris | say you won't let go

PLEASE WATCH IN 720p HD // "...i'm so in love with you and i hope you know..." WESTALLEN MY BEAUTIFUL BABIES ARE FINALLY MARRIED! THEY ARE HUSBAND AND WIFE OMG. Oh my god I don't even know where to start???? This crossover was insane but all the WestAllen we got was incredible. Supergirl definitely gave us the best. I loved the little things like Barry being a gentlemen and giving Iris breakfast in bed the day they get married. How cute. But the scene that was my ultimate fave throughout the crossover was the wedding. My god. I won't stop you from shipping Barry with whoever but you can't tell me there is a person that he loves more than Iris West? He literally had tears in his eyes just from watching her walk down the aisle. Out of everything we got, that was my favourite part. It really showed why WestAllen are my fave dctv couple. He is so in love with her and he was so happy to marry her in front of everyone he loves. That is true love. There is no other way to put it. These two belong together and these episodes proved that. Also the fact that Kara was singing THEIR SONG. Yeah I cried when she started singing. Lmao of course the wedding got ruined. It's WestAllen we are talking about. "I am going to marry you." That scene was cute and the kiss omg. I also loved all the hugs we got. They were so nice to see and WestAllen comforting each other is my fave thing. Also their height difference when Iris hugs Barry is so cute. She literally has to step on her tiptoes how cute. I know a lot of people hated the double wedding and yes I would have prefered both couples to have their own weddings but I love them both so much so I loved it. They are best friends and literally got to marry with each other and that's so cute. Both of my couples are happily married and that's literally the main thing. I couldn't be happier. WestAllen's vows killed me. Barry talking about how is life is always changing except for Iris. Loving her has never changed and that she is his home. I CRIED. Home is definitely their thing and I love how much they mention it. Also Iris's ballerina story was the cutest thing ever. A flashback of that scene would be EVERYTHING. Iris saying that from that moment she knew with him by her side anything was possible. I cried a lot okay. When Iris had tears in her eyes saying that she can't wait to be Barry's wife! She loves him so much. This has been a favourite song of mine for the past year now. It's so beautiful but has so many different parts so I needed to find a couple who really suited the song and WestAllen are the perfect couple. Like I was able to use a scene for every lyric. This song suits them so much and I just felt I needed to use it. I hope I did the song justice and I hope you all enjoy this. Don't worry I'm working on an Olicity video as well xx Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yBSr... Coloring: wakeuptutorials Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Tumblr: alinesizzy.tumblr.com/ Twitter: twitter.com/PERRlESLOVATO


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