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Title:Туркменистан: самая закрытая страна бывшего СССР | Страх, коррупция и бегство в Турцию

I also have a channel for my English-speaking audience! Subscribe now and watch my videos dubbed in English: vrlmv.com/HLJkPq Turkmenistan is the craziest country of the former USSR. The cult of personality here has been taken to the extent of idiocy, censorship works like in the worst times of Stalin, and people suffer from hunger, poverty and constant fear. Local rulers take the pathetic names of Turkmenbashi and Arkadag, and citizens flee to Turkey in order to somehow survive. The country sells oil and gas, builds palaces of marble and statues of gold, but its people are forced to emigrate. Today I will tell you about Turkmenistan, a country of a crazy regime, poverty and ruins. Support the channel: Patreon: vrlmv.com/4acT9L Support with crypto: nowpayments.io/donation/varlamov Timestamps: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:04:26 History of Turkmenistan 00:08:08 Opposition in Turkmenistan 00:10:03 Niyazov's power: how the Turkmen regime appeared 00:14:07 Independence of Turkmenistan: failure of the State Emergency Committee, referendum and "democracy" 00:16:32 How Niyazov's personality cult was born after the collapse of the USSR 00:23:55 How does a personality cult affect ordinary people? 00:26:44 The greatness of Niyazov and the main book of the Turkmen people 00:28:41 Neutrality of Turkmenistan: how the regime is protected 00:29:58 Attack on Niyazov 00:33:15 Strengthening the regime: censorship, hairstyles and Niyazov's eccentricities 00:34:12 Is religion banned in Turkmenistan? 00:35:41 Corruption in Turkmenistan 00:38:11 How ordinary people lived under Niyazov 00:39:36 Berdimuhamedov's rise to power: from concessions to new bans 00:47:15 The flight of the people, the ban on leaving the country and the "black list" 00:48:38 Why Turkmens are leaving the country


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