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Title:Chloe & Elly - Spoilers del 5 al 9 de Agosto

When Elly realized she was pregnant and that the baby wasn't Mark's, she went to an appointment with a doctor.
It turns out that doctor was the mother of one of her students, Dean.

Dean realized Elly's secret and began to blackmail her. He asked her to change her grades and buy her alcohol.
Desperate, Elly agreed to change her grades and was about to buy alcohol, but that didn't end up happening.


Elly's return to work proves to be challenging, as smart-alec student Richie taunts her with jibes about how she bought alcohol for Dean. Elly keeps him in line, but fears the rumours about her issues with Dean will circulate from students to the larger school community and cause a greater problem.

Chloe worries about the additional stress this is causing Elly and the baby and confronts Richie, taking him down a peg in front of his mates. Fighting back, Richie kicks things up a notch by buying alcohol for his mates and drinking on campus.

Elly handles the incident, but when she learns that Chloe had a word with Richie, she is frustrated by the unwanted intervention. Chloe is disheartened, feeling she may have blown her chances with Elly.

Later, Yashvi and Ned give their account of Chloe's confrontation with Richie and it paints Elly a different picture. It was a bold display of loyalty, and the incident gives Elly pause – maybe deep down she doesn't mind the idea of Chloe watching her back.

As rumours about Elly's situation with Dean Mahoney and his mother continue to fly around the high school, the parents start wanting answers. Elly knows she has to face this head-on and asks Dipi to organise a PTA meeting to address everyone's concerns.

At the meeting, Elly is open about being blackmailed by Dean and admits to changing his grade and almost buying him booze. She hopes to put this behind her as it has already been dealt with by the Department, but is caught off guard by a very aggressive mother. She's further confronted when this parent announces she is pulling her daughter out of Erinsborough High. Despite Karl suggesting this might blow over, Elly wonders if this is just the beginning.

Elly reaches out to apologise to Chloe for snapping at her. Knowing Chloe was only acting out of loyalty, Elly is keen for them to get their friendship back on track and they arrange to meet for brunch. Chloe goes above and beyond to ensure it's a special occasion, but the positive mood is thwarted when Elly is called back to work to handle a student's withdrawal from the school.

Pierce confronts Chloe about her sudden lack of interest in him, and quickly realises it's because Chloe's feelings for Elly have been reignited. He warns her that she's riding for a fall, but Chloe is determined to prove him wrong.

Faced with a lacklustre Acting Principal, Elly is forced to come up with a game plan that will stop the wave of students being pulled out of school. Although Elly's confidence takes a hit, Chloe is able to buoy her and inspire Elly to keep fighting.

Dipi and Terese provide Elly an insight on who she's really up against: Angela Lane. After taking her own child out of school, Angela has been emailing other parents encouraging them to do the same, in protest against Elly.

Elly is confident she can nip their problem in the bud but there's a curveball coming Elly's way – the Acting Principal has called Susan and alerted her to the situation and now Susan has decided to come home and handle this herself. Elly is dismayed as she's instructed to do nothing and wait for Susan's return.

Meanwhile, after witnessing an intimate moment between Chloe and Elly, Aaron is alarmed. It looks like Chloe and Elly are heading down a familiarly dangerous path that could jeopordise the peace that has emerged for the Brennans. Concerned, Aaron warns Chloe that Mark is still fragile and she ought to tell him how she's feeling to prevent him from being blindsided.

Fearful of the reaction, Chloe asks how Mark would feel if she did pursue something more. The question hangs heavy on Mark, but in an act of ultimate generosity, he gives Chloe a blessing of sorts.

Aware that Chloe's life is on a different timeline, Mark decides he can't stand in the way of any happiness she wants to go after, despite how hard it might be for him to stomach. Moved by her brother's support, Chloe gears herself up to take the plunge and ask Elly how she'd feel about moving beyond friendship.


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