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Title:Avi Dandiya latest video 🎥 on #SureshChahvanke of #SudharshanNews| #AviDandiya| Anupam Tripathi

Avi Dandiya latest video 🎥 on #SureshChahvanke​ of #SudharshanNews​| #AviDandiya​| Anupam Tripathi

Credit, Copyright and permission:-
FFAR India and Anupam Tripathi have the express and implied permissions to use audio and video tapes of Avi Dandiya and broadcast the same on Social Media including YouTube in public interest and for educational purposes. Thank you!

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Reuse policy: notice-
Creative inputs, additions and narration in video 🎥 is done by Anupam Tripathi of Anupam Tripathi YouTube▶️ channel of FFAR India🇮🇳. There is thus no violation whatsoever of YouTube ▶️ policy violation so far as reuse policy is concerned.

Community Guidelines Notice and Disclaimer:-

Anupam Tripathi YouTube▶️ channel and FFAR India🇮🇳 are only a platform for powerful speakers to come and have their say on issues that matter. We encourage freedom of speech and raising our voice against wrong and injustice. But we don't necessarily endorse all views and opinions of the Speakers nor do we encourage or support foul and disrespectful language 👄💬. We fully support criticism of the government and leaders no matter how high and mighty they may be on issues that matter based on facts, logic, research, rational reasoning and analysis. We encourage a scientific temper and critical thinking and provide support and platform for your voice to be heard on important national issues. This video helps create awareness and is educational and in public interest. Thank you!

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Anupam Tripathi YouTube▶️ channel and FFAR India 🇮🇳 confirm that this video 🎥 is containing Advertising friendly content. It has content that appeals to the masses and is popular content. The same can be judged within 3 hours of uploading of this video 🎥 on YouTube by the number of likes, shares, comments and views this video 🎥 gets. We live in a democracy and in a country where people are supreme and this video reflects their voice, concerns and is for them. Ultimately these same people who are consumers of our content and like it so much, who are potentially going to be future consumers of advertisers and their products and services. Thank you! we love all our advertisers O our channel and appreciate their support.

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We love ❤ you YouTube ▶️ and will keep working very very hard to provide excellent creative, popular and relevant content that's both advertising friendly, reuse policy friendly, community guidelines friendly and yet ultimately relevant and matters to our purpose, mission and audience of Bharat! Thank you for your inputs from time to time, we appreciate it. We also hope that you like and can see our work we are putting in to take care of concerns you raise in our content going forward. We love ❤ your inputs and suggestions and will keep incorporating the same in our content going forward. Love ❤ you YouTube ▶️!

~Anupam Tripathi
FFAR India🇮🇳

Tags: Rebel Shraddha Nand Pati, Avi Dandiya, Vinay Dubey, Kajal Nishad, Aiman Rizvi, Sayed Ahtisham Rizvi, Nishant Varma, Kanhaiya Kumar, Wali Rahmani, Raj Tripathi, Mohit Sharma, Pankaj Prakash Shrivastav, Harish Mishra, Anupam Tripathi, #AviDandiya​,


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