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Title:Over 100 Reasons to Ship Snowbarry (Barry & Caitlin)

☑️ALL FOOTAGE, MUSIC, AND EFFECTS IN THIS VIDEO HAVE BEEN PURCHASED & PAID FOR ☑️ ◀︎ HD IS BEST ► Why do I ship Snowbarry? This video will show you why! ____________________________________________________ Hi guys! I'm back! It's been awhile I know but I'm finally back! This time I just really got inspired to do something different. I love them so much and wanted to show exactly why I do, and so this video happened. I've never made such a long video in my life! However PLEASE NOTE that this video is NOT meant to be a video with fancy editing, so if it doesn't look like my others, it's not because I've gone backwards in my editing, it's just that this video is not THAT kind of video I normally do. I definitely have a normal Snowbarry edit planned as well as I'm planning to do Original Team Flash as well. So keep your eyes peeled. Thanks everyone for your support and I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!! Lots of love! 0:00 Introduction 0:35 When Barry came into her life, she smiled for the first time since Ronnie died 1:02 Barry was constantly compared to Ronnie 1:28 He helped her conquer her fears of going into the pipeline 1:41 She helped him conquer his fears of watching Dr. Well's living will video 2:00 Barry gave her a reason to live again, and her last thought was of him when she almost died 2:17 The speedforce decided to show Caitlin to Barry in the most beautiful way, with light and holding a baby 2:33 She loves him for BARRY 2:40 He knows who she REALLY is 2:52 He never gives up on her 2:58 Both of them are scientists 3:13 She is his "personal physician" 3:36 He is constantly impressed by Caitlin's intelligence 4:41 He keeps her "in check" 4:52 Barry brought her back from being Killer Frost, by daring her to kill him 5:02 She is willing to die for him 5:10 She chose Barry over Ronnie 5:32 He gave up his job to protect Caitlin 5:46 She turned down a better job offer to help Barry, who was a stranger to her at that time 5:57 She is scared of losing Barry 6:03 She is with Barry till the death 6:07 Frost/Caitlin had a panic attack when they were losing Barry 6:19 He let the world know the Flash existed in order to save her life 6:43 Nora mentioned the iconic moment when Barry brought Caitlin back from being Killer Frost 6:52 She is jealous of Barry's girlfriends 7:51 Barry doesn't like the guys Caitlin likes 8:30 Linda thought Caitlin was his girlfriend 8:39 Patty was jealous of Caitlin 9:05 She will always choose Barry 9:12 He's always incredibly worried about her 9:39 She is always incredibly worried about him 10:13 She's always running to him 10:21 He is always running to her 10:32 He carries her everywhere 11:13 Stays with her until she falls asleep 11:40 They can read each other so well 12:17 Their beautiful hugs 12:45 She saved Barry from Savitar 12:51 She saved Barry from Cicada 13:04 She saves Barry from Cicada (2) 13:20 She saves him from Grodd 14:23 Caitlin bet on Barry more than Iris 14:27 She made up a story to save him from embarrassment 14:47 "Summer Lovin" 15:12 "son-in-law" for a moment 15:27 59. He threw Frost/Caitlin a birthday party 15:38 They both had a villianous persona 16:00 They are both superheroes... FLASHFROST 16:18 They make a great team without their powers 16:33 Barry NEEDS her 17:02 The way he calls her "Cait" 17:10 He is such a gentleman 18:06 She sticks up for Barry 18:40 Caitlin saved Barry's life 71. by telling Nora what to do 18:53 Savitar for a second time 19:18 Barry didn't want anyone around Star Labs while Caitlin wasn't there. 14. That changed when she came back. 19:32 Barry can't be without her 19:46 She has been kidnapped the most 19:56 When they almost kissed 20:06 Out of all the ways Frost could have used 19. to hurt him, she chose to use the cold kiss. 20:34 She will do ANYTHING for Barry 20:47 that Barry was her trigger 21:02 Felicity noticed something between them 21:20 The "Pie scene" 21:33 They are very "in sync" 22:27 They make each other coffee 22:32 The way they tease each other 22:43 They are attracted to each other 23:05 MATCHING CLOTHES 23:51 The way they look at each other 24:48 They finish each other's sentences 25:13 They appreciate each other 25:48 She is his No. 1 supporter 26:19 Their "What? Nothing." 26:29 98. The way their hands interlocked 26:35 She's always there when he wakes up 26:52 100. 100% CHEMISTRY 27:44 101. towards each other


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