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Title:Top 10 Villages of SWITZERLAND – Most beautiful Swiss Towns – Best Places [Full Travel Guide]

Switzerland is a small country full of surprises and wonderful villages. Since decades, Switzerland has been attracting numerous tourists from allover the world. It is the Alps that fascinates most of the visitors but also the very well preserved villages. Although Switzerland is quite small, depending on the region, the villages and towns may look very different. In this video, the 10 most beautiful villages from allover the country will be presented in detail. While there may be a few that you might have heard of, there will be quite some surprises. Gruyères is THE place to experience the medieval vibes in Switzerland. The castle, the museums and furthermore the foodie world of Gruyères are really exciting to experience, do not forget to try fondue, Gruyère cheese and double cream! Zermatt is the most popular village on this list. Visit the many panoramas over the Swiss Alps, see the Matterhorn or simply explore the village of Zermatt itself! Discover the many beautiful traditional wooden houses scattered around this Swiss village! Visit what used to be the smallest municipality of Switzerland: Corippo. Corippo is located in the Valle Verzasca in Ticino. It's a wonderful village full of stone houses and very interesting: ONLY 12 people live in there! Surely, it's not crowded there. Saint-Ursanne is another medieval village; the town that could be in a fairytale. Saint-Ursanne is built along the river doubs and charms with its many medieval houses and wonderful abbey. Guarda - the town of Schellenursli - in the lower Engadin is located in the "Rumantsch" speaking region of Switzerland. It's far away the urban centres and very quiet. Best to visit during Summer or on Chalandamarz! Grimentz is THE stereotypical village of Switzerland. It's located up in the Swiss Alps and charms with its many traditional wooden houses. The houses are all decorated with red flowers; cheesy and alluring! Lauterbrunnen is another touristy favorite. The village is small but it's located in the Valley of 72 Waterfalls! Enjoy the scenery with its many waterfalls and greens! Do not forget to go up to Wengen and the Jungfraujoch! Epesses is located in Switzerland's wine region at lake Geneva! It's a wonderful village in the middle of the vineyards and definitely offers you enough viewpoints over the wine terraces, lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps. Stein am Rhein is also a very medieval and cultural village. The old town is perfectly preserved and charms with its many painted houses. Spectacular is the "No e Wili" play that is held on a 10-25 years base. Enjoy swimming in the river Rhine or dining at the Castle Hohenklingen. MORCOTE is the most beautiful Swiss village on this Top 10 list! It's located at Lake Lugano and charms with its appearance of being built at the hill. Stunning is the church Maria del Sasso, the wonder garden in the Parco Scherrer and furthermore the many viewpoints on the hill. Morcote is by the way considered not very touristy. Thus perfect to rank 1st among the Top 10 Villages of Switzerland! WATCH the ENTIRE VIDEO in 4K! Follow me on Social Media: www.instagram.com/djemographic/ www.facebook.com/DjemoGraphic-100800961287903 www.facebook.com/groups/571008033509178 Special thanks to: Johannes, Razi, Nik, Julia, Hanafi and Laura for support and guest appeareance "No e Wili Association" for permitting me to use some of their clips Music by Epidemic Sound Equipment: Sony α6500, GoPro Hero 8 Black, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Mavic Air, Sony RX0 More information about the tourism (no paid content): www.myswitzerland.com/en-ch/ www.myswissalps.com/wheretogo/towns Information about some of the museums : www.chateau-gruyeres.ch/de/startseite/ www.klostersanktgeorgen.ch/kstg/en/home.html How to fly to Switzerland: www.swiss.com/ch/en www.singaporeair.com/en_UK/ch/home#/book/bookfligh… This video was realized without any financial support. Please contact me on djemographic@gmx.ch should you want to request a license for the use of this footage. Music by Epidemic Sound: 1. Starfields - Hallman 2. The Reason why I shine - Tomas Skyldeberg 3. Beach Memories - Sum Wave 4. Small Talk and Lemonade - The Fly Guy Five 5. The Street Performer - The Fly Guy Five 6. Broken Trust - Hallman 7. Down Down - Hallman 8. Can't Give Up (Manta Circle Remix)(Instrumental Version) - Kalle Engstrom 9. Starfields - Hallman 10. Times Square - Onda Norte 11. Somewhere New (Daxten Remix) (Instrumental Version) - Conditional


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