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Title:(ENG) 드디어 만난 마젤토브 당사자 임시완 스님들 앞에서 힘내부앙 하면서 웃던 시절 얘기에 김남길 열혈웃음 터짐ㅋㅋㅋㅋ / [문명특급 EP.258]

(ENG)Kim Namgil bursts into laughter when Siwan talks about the days cheering in front of the monks, Im Siwan, the Mageltov guy, we finally met haha / [MMTG EP.258] Im Siwan singing Mageltove in front of the monks hahahaha Kim Nam-gil, don’t panic, be strong and smile Even if the Festival for Actors is over, MMTG continues!! #KimNamgil #ImSiwan #EmergencyDeclaration #Mazeltov Planning / Producer Park Jae-yong / Host Kwon Young-sook / Lee Eun-jae Composition / Lee Eun-jae Composer Lee Kyu-hee / Lee Yoo-jeong Comprehensive Editing / Nam A-young Color Correction / Lee Seung-jae Computer Graphics / SBS A&T Production CG Team Complete CG / Choi Ho-jin Cinematography / Daol Media Kim Ji-yeon Park Sang-hyun Simultaneous Recording / Sound Drawing Source/MBC KBS JTBC Showbox CJ ENM Daily Sports Marketing/SBS M&C Kim Yu-jin Administration/ Park Mi-rim Production Administration/ Lee Seon-hee Web Planning Producer/SBS I&M Internal Assistant Director Lim Ji-yeon External Subtitles/Hong Eun-seol External Editing/ Kim Mi-rae Lim Han-bit Choi Hyun-jin Kim Eun-bi Yoon Yu-seong Brand Design/ Kim Ha-kyung CG/Kim Ha-kyung Kim Han-sol Intern/ Kim Na-hyeon Lee Yu-jeong Editing Lee Jun-seop/ Oh Han-joo Kim Hye-min Kim Na-hyeon Lee Jun-seop Assistant Director Oh Han-joo Kim Hye-min Director/ Hong Min-ji Production Support/ Showbox Production/ SBS Digital News Lab Creative Division


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