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Title:The Most UNSTOPPABLE Plays On The Way To The Finals

The most dangerous shooter on the floor for the Warriors is down here, setting a pick for Green to get the ball on the side. Then he goes for another back screen but this time for Andrew Wiggins to cut straight to the rim. And at this moment notice how Moody over here is waiting to set the screen for Steph to come out for the shot on the wing. Bullock does a great job sticking to his man, so Steph curls around Moses and steps in to get just enough space he needs to knock this down. As we wait for the finals, let’s go through some of the best play calls that both Golden State and Boston used to get to the biggest stage. What up everybody, my name is Stefan and this is Heat Check. Let’s get into it. As Brown gives the ball to Smart, this looks like a double screen for him to get the ball here. But instead, Marcus passes the ball to Tatum, and with Lopez guarding for the penetration, Williams changes the screen angle so Jaylen can take off to the basket. We got the lob, and the finish through contact for the and 1. Quick, simple and effective execution from the Boston Celtics here. Curry gets rid of the ball and goes in the paint and at this moment we got a familiar Golden State setup with 2 guards under the basket and 2 bigs on the wings with the ball up top. This play is probably limitless when it comes to options. But right here watch how Curry and Thompson curl around each other and Steph comes out for the three, as Looney awaits with the pick. Finney Smith defends him from outside and Curry doesn’t get the ball but at the same time Klay turns back and as he cuts to the middle, Wiggins passes to Looney, the handoff and screen for Thompson and now Kevon is all alone under the basket. Klay could have passed this but he decides to ball fake, gets Kleber in the air and then knocks it down. You can see how Golden State has countless different options on every play, mainly generated by their constant movement on the floor. Tatum has the ball on the wing as Derrick White back screens for Brown to cut to the basket. Right after that, White goes for the pick and roll with Tatum. Allen helps to prevent the drive but the pass goes to Smart and at this moment, the lane is open for the rolling Celtic. Matthews is attached to Jaylen and too late to contest, so we got the easy deuce. Derrick White has been an extremely valuable piece for this team on the road to the finals. On the inbound, out of this box formation, Steph curls to the corner and of course takes Brooks with him. Gary Payton sets a screen in the middle as if it’s for the curl by Wiggins, but Andrew stops midway and sets a pick himself for Klay to come out at the three point line. This creates enough space for Bane to be trailing him and to have to bite on this pump fake by Thompson. We got the fly by and Klay is all alone for the shot and the swish. This ended up being the game winning bucket for Golden State in game 1 of the second round against Memphis. On the left side White comes out of the Horford screen and as soon as he gets the ball up top, the right side activates as well. Williams goes to screen for Brown who should get the ball on the elbow for the shot or to penetrate to the rim. But Timelord uses Max’s attention on Jaylen to slip the pick and go for the alley oop. Nice recognition by Derrick for easy 2 points. Another interesting play where Derrick White is involved so shout out to him and his play throughout the playoffs. Check out all the misdirection on this play. On this side we got a fake handoff from Green and Poole, and on the opposite end, Wiggins curls inside but this is all just decoy for the real play, as we rewind it a little, follow Otto Porter who goes over here and waits to set a pick for Steph to sprint out to the three. Curry does just that in the blink of an eye, fires away and hits. In the NBA you have to have misdirections and fake actions to set up the real on, and the Warriors did that nicely here. And again from an inbound situation, on the hand off we got a double screen for Tatum to curl and possibly take one of his deadly shots from the elbow. But as the defense prepares for it, Tatum shortens this route and cuts inside on the first screen. As that happens, Theis cuts inside and with all the attention on Jayson, he’s got an open lane for him. Tatum finds with him this nice pass and he lays it in. A lightning quick execution from the Celtics here from the moment the ball was inbounded all the way to the finish. With plays like these, I can only imagine all the surprises that the 2 coaches have for us for the finals series. That's it for now, subscribe and talk to you in the next one. Peace out.


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