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Title:【BTS 日本語字幕】授賞式で防弾少年団は自分らしくいる

BTS is known for their sense of humor and The 2022 The Fact Music Awards aired on October 8, 2022 was certainly no exception. Especially, the award was announced and presented to Jin at the ceremony. However, the sight that unfolded after the announcement and before his accepting the award has now gone viral. In videos from the ceremony, the proud BTS members — RM, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook — were seen carrying their Jin Hyung to the stage hilariously pretending to be his bodyguard. Whereas, Suga was seen walking behind the group as a cheerleader. Just about every time the camera was trained on them, the members of BTS found something extra to do. #bts #방탄소년단 #防弾少年団 #2022 #award #TMA #chaotic #btsbeingbts #funny #extra About: Hello, everyone! Welcome to Jungkookie chanel. I make videos which basically includes all the past or latest updates of BTS, how BTS members are in personal life, how they react with each other, fun editing and even more fun BTS. Basically I create this channel so the ARMY can get to know more about BTS. I hope you enjoy my videos and leave with a lovely smile on your face. Thank you all so much for watching my videos! Please subscribe if you like my videos! Borahae 💜💜 ►► Subscribe for more ジョングギ: bit.ly/3JNPCpF ►► See our latest videos: bit.ly/3uxHAer Credits: SBS Entertainment: youtube.com/user/entertainmentSBS Mnet K-POP : youtube.com/c/Mnet 비디오머그 - VIDEOMUG : youtube.com/c/videomug0 Myouring:/channel/UCb66f0Swhwp_pAnqyalaIGA Vstar : youtube.com/c/Vstar9 PICKCON / 픽콘: youtube.com/user/THESTAR JKONTOP 9791 : /channel/UCe_ZdG5NtV7dBrnwgYgT3xg allkpop: youtube.com/user/allkpop/videos PURPLE VOUS: youtube.com/c/PURPLEVOUS1230 Decalcomanie: /channel/UC79MLKmCtUL1oY2AiijUZQA Decalcomanie: /channel/UC79MLKmCtUL1oY2AiijUZQA/about/about 한밤 HANBAM: /channel/UCpAU942wYzOyECalwbMVnCA eluceo himes: youtube.com/c/eluceohimes Melon 멜론 : youtube.com/c/MelonOfficial AK: /channel/UCSTUbLEVmpxZzBR2nyfbaWA JinKiss Letsgo: /channel/UCO2p8pcDPO5MOz_QVY3Q6KA ABC : youtube.com/abc @svt_koukan_ : twitter.com/svt_koukan_ THE FACT : www.tf.co.kr/ @BRILLER__613: twitter.com/BRILLER__613/media powdrrrpuff : youtube.com/c/powdrrrpuff THE FACT: youtube.com/c/%EB%8D%94%ED%8C%A9%ED%8A%B8THEFACTNE… BTS: www.vlive.tv/channel/FE619 Bangtansub: youtube.com/c/BangtanSubs Weverse: www.weverse.io/ HYBE LABELS: /channel/UC3IZKseVpdzPSBaWxBxundA BANGTAN TV: youtube.com/c/BANGTANTV Big Hit Music Big Hit Entertainment ►Disclaimer: This video was fully edited by the team at ジョングギ. For copyright matters please contact us at: vgkmediagl@gmail.com


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