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Title:Night Rainstorm & Cozy Rain Sounds┇Sleep Well┇NO THUNDER Rain by DOVADO Rain Sounds

Rain Sounds are a tremendous natural white noise that helps bring you a calm state of mind, keep your stress levels low, and create a soothing rainy ambience in your home. ☂️ Natural sounds are vibrations of frequency audios produced by non-human and non-biological organisms. Humans consider themselves separate and in conflict with Nature, but while they remain part of it, the sounds we produce are excluded from the definition of nature sounds. This is why we call this kind of music – Anthrophony. It profoundly affects the natural soundscape and featured organisms that play seminal roles in their particular habitats. We can benefit from natural environments to restore stress and direct attention fatigue. A human can endure high-stress levels for short time periods as long as these periods are interrupted by restoration moments. While a natural environment provides more sensory input than the soundscape, there are indications that the soundscape alone also affords restoration. Therefore, this is why most humans indicate that they find natural sounds pleasurable. To bring back those Nature Sounds to our everyday life, we create nature-related content, aiming to provide you with the best possible experience to be considered closest to Nature and its beautiful environment. Since we believe Nature consists of the main five elements that surround us daily, we also maximise our efforts to bring you each and every aspect of those elements converted into a nature-environmental soundscape. 😇 Thank you for choosing this video! Sincerely hope for a light on your path to happiness, enormous love, and may the force be with you! ---------------- ⭐Time Stamps⭐ 00:00:00 - 10 Hours 01:00:00 - 9 Hours 02:00:00 - 8 Hours 03:00:00 - 7 Hours 04:00:00 - 6 Hours 05:00:00 - 5 Hours 06:00:00 - 4 Hours 07:00:00 - 3 Hours 08:00:00 - 2 Hours 09:00:00 - 1 Hour ---------------- Check out our other channels for Nature Sounds and Nature Music: youtube.com/@dovado1 youtube.com/@dovadomusic ---------------- Check out our social media channels: Facebook: www.facebook.com/dovadonaturesounds Instagram: www.instagram.com/dovado_official/ Twitter: twitter.com/dovado_official Tiktok: www.tiktok.com/@dovado1 ---------------- For the best experience, we recommend listening to these sounds at a low volume that doesn't interfere with conversation in a normal voice. Use headphones for maximum effect. ---------------- All videos on this channel are created with the sole purpose of helping our audience. We constantly put much love and energy into every video, sometimes resulting in many hours/days of work. Your feedback is of the highest importance because it helps us develop content we all love watching and listening to, so don't forget to comment. We hope this video will bring great emotions, joy, and happy vibes into your life. DOVADO mainly uses Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Unreal Engine, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop for the video, and Audacity for the audio parts of every content we create. ---------------- WHAT OUR CONTENT MAINLY CONSISTS OF: Rain, Rain Sounds, Heavy Rain, Soft Rain, Strong Rain, Autumn Rain, Gentle Rain, Pouring Rain, Summer Rain, Winter Rain, Relaxing Rain, Calming Rain, Sleep Rain, Soothing Rain, Ambient Rain, 10 hours Rain, Sound of Rain, Chilling Rain, Rain with Thunder, Raining Sounds, Thunder Sounds, Storm Sounds, Rain Sounds for Sleeping, Rainstorm, Nature Sounds, White Noise Sounds, ASMR, How to meditate, Fall a Sleep, Sounds for Studying, Sounds for Working, Sounds for Focus, Background Sounds, Rolling Thunders, Heavy Storms, Rainfall, Rain Ambience, Night Rain, Thunderstorm, Relaxing Sounds, Sounds of Nature, ASMR Rain, Sleep Sounds, Deep Sleep, Drizzle, City Rainfall, Drizzle Rain ---------------- ☕💵 Want to buy us a coffee? paypal.me/dovado​​​​ Etherium Wallet: dovado.eth ---------------- © Copyright DOVADO™ 2022. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or republication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited. ---------------- Relevant hashtags: #rainsounds #rainsoundsforsleeping #DOVADO


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