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Title:Portable Power Actuated Rim-driven Annular Saw [Restoration]

THE ONE TRUE DANGER SAW! This 1949-patented portable power actuated rim-driven annular saw or "Sally Saw", as it was marketed, was born in the depths of hell to seek revenge upon its enemies. Once double-crossed by a half-man/half-tree hybrid, it now seeks for limbs of any kind. Luckily, as an amorphous blob-of-a-human-being, I alone posses the ability wield power over it. Watch as I unravel this 1.5HP circular saw on a stick made by Cummings Machine Works of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Have you ever wondered how it was all going to end? Your life, flashing before your eyes...OR ARE THOSE THE RED WOOD CHIPS FROM A LOG AND YOUR FOOT? This 80lbs behemoth is made almost entirely of aluminum and tries as hard as it can to make sure you do not enjoy using it. The problem, it only makes me want to use it more. It has got me under its spell. I HAVE BECOME SALLY SAW, destroyer of worlds. If you'd like to learn more about how I am a totally kid-friendly saw that would never hurt anyone and definitely didn't take over this channel: Patent: patents.google.com/patent/US2490255 Decals: www.sugarcreeksupply.net/products/sally-saw-decal-… Gallery of important details: imgur.com/a/cVIa5ho Manual: LOST TO TIME, if someone has one, please contact me Thanks again for www.evapo-rust.com/ for sponsoring this video. Wrenches and screwdrivers are now for sale at www.handtoolrescue.com Help secure more tools for future videos (if you want): www.patreon.com/handtoolrescue Instagram: www.instagram.com/handtoolrescue Facebook Group - Share your restorations www.facebook.com/groups/handtoolrescue www.facebook.com/handtoolrescue/ Reddit - Share your restorations www.reddit.com/r/HandToolRescue/ Podcast (with Jimmy DiResta and Andrew Alexander) - anchor.fm/fitzall


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