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Title:The Foundation of the CIA (Spy Agency) - Dr. Richard E. Schroeder

The US was late to the practice of intelligence, but during World War II the country created a new model of combining intelligence collection and analytic functions into a single organization—the Office of Strategic Services. How did this outfit transform into today’s CIA? Thanks to President Harry Truman and a small group of advisors. Dr. Richard E. Schroeder, retired CIA officer and author of The Foundation of the CIA, as he reveals how President Truman and his “Missouri Gang,” which included Sidney Souers and Roscoe Hillenkoetter, developed this new, centralized agency directly subordinate to and responsible to the President, despite entrenched institutional resistance. Schroeder will reveal how this group provided the leadership the US needed to take on the responsibilities of a global superpower during the very first years of the Cold War. --------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoying our programs? Please consider making a donation and support the Spy Museum's educational mission: bit.ly/3NUqU9C Spy Museum's upcoming VIRTUAL programs: www.spymuseum.org/calendar/ Follow us: Facebook: www.facebook.com/IntlSpyMuseum Twitter: twitter.com/intlspymuseum​​​​​​​ Instagram: www.instagram.com/spymuseum SpyCast: thecyberwire.com/podcasts/spycast The International Spy Museum® is an independent nonprofit organization. Generous support from viewers like you fuel our nonprofit mission and make our collection, exhibits, and educational programs like this possible.


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