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Title:Sonar for Dummies! Fish Finder Explained for BEGINNERS! FIRST 6 LESSONS TOGETHER IN ONE PLACE.

Fish Finder Screenshots Explained for Dummies is a series in my Sonar Screenshots Explained collection helping those new to using sonar. I will slowly increase the amount of information on each screenshot moving forward. How to read a fish finder. How to use sonar. What am I seeing on my fish finder. Understanding sonar THIS IS THE FIRST 6 LESSONS ALL IN ONE PLACE. VERY AFFORDABLE Simrad SONAR system amzn.to/3CnJKRc The next time you shop at AMAZON, please use my code to get you there. I’ll get a few bucks for expenses 😁. Just click this code amzn.to/39a58g2 and use the search bar at the top to shop!! I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!! 😁👍👍 MY SONAR SETTINGS; https://youtu.be/S0MpGwKUVNA MY SIMRAD DISPLAY: amzn.to/2GY9QPn 7” Display: amzn.to/2GY9QPn MY CHIRP TRANSDUCER: amzn.to/2BsVMud MY SIDE SCAN TRANSDUCER: amzn.to/2ErP9ug PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND GIVE THIS VIDEO A THUMBS UP! Below is a list of gear that we use and recommend, thank you for your support! LOVE YA! MEAN IT! Email me. Mikesmedley9@gmail.com Check out the complete line of Sea Pro boats at www.seapromfg.com Check out the complete line of Suzuki motors at www.suzukimarine.com Planer Boards amzn.to/36yueU4 TOS planer floats I designed: amzn.to/2O1nVl2 Simrad NSS7 EVO3 amzn.to/2GY9QPn Simrad NSS9 EVO3 amzn.to/2Bs18pO Simrad EVO3 NS S12 amzn.to/39a58g2 Simrad EVO3 NSS16S. The new model amzn.to/39a58g2 Simrad Go 5 https://aamzn.to/2Bs18pOmzn.to/2IPZfaD Simrad Go 7 with Active Imaging Transducer amzn.to/2J6 Simrad Go 9 with Active Imaging Transducer amzn.to/2XCVw8g Simrad Go 12 XSE w Total Scan Transducer amzn.to/2PHE7oO 11 ft Black Pearl Cast Net INVI Series amzn.to/2K58pQa 8 ft Black Pearl Cast Net INVI Series amzn.to/2XGNj2y MOTORGUIDE Xi5 Trolling Motor amzn.to/2WiT1XL OLIGHT INCREDIBLE FLASHLIGHTS/HEADLAMPS. olight.idevaffiliate.com/idevaffiliate.php?id=366 USE CODE MS10 for GREAT DISCOUNTS. MONO FISHING LINE /PRO SPEC amzn.to/2X1BbGP SIMRAD 4G Radar. Full Kit  amzn.to/2RRs5LC SIMRAD Halo 20in Radar amzn.to/2R9fPXj SIMRAD Halo Radar 24in Dome. amzn.to/2U4tAp3 SIMRAD ACTIVE IMAGING 2 in 1 Transducer amzn.to/2IjtJDE SIMRAD ACTIVE IMAGING 3 in 1 Transducer amzn.to/2ErP9ug TM 150 M Transducer amzn.to/2BsVMud TM 185 High CHIRP Wide with Xsonic plug end (Evo3) amzn.to/2XDLJw7 SIMRAD 3D Sonar Transducer System amzn.to/2Ui0F43 SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE HIGH END TRANSDUCERS Aftco Tactical Fishing Shorts  amzn.to/2FmVN4Y amzn.to/2xahNvA OWNER MUTU CIRCLE HOOKS 40 pack. GREAT HOOKS!! amzn.to/325i8xC Accurate Valiant Reels we use every day. amzn.to/2VxV35h Accurate Fury Reel 400 Regular amzn.to/2XTvZZK Accurate Fury Reel 400 Narrow amzn.to/2Y4izJD Accurate Tern Reel 300 Narrow High Speed (same size as 400 Narrow in Fury and Valiant) amzn.to/2XQkYbl Accurate Tern Reel 400 High Speed Regular amzn.to/2XOFZ6b Ben Parker Magnum Flutter Spoon amzn.to/32x6lZk Wright and McGill Inshore Slam Spinning Rod for artificials not bait. amzn.to/2XSCXZT Line Counters amzn.to/2INd0ZO Cuda Piranha Scissors amzn.to/32zJagL FISH GRIP EGO MINI GRIP amzn.to/2FF50Fm ABU Garcia Inshore REVO Baitcaster Reel amzn.to/2JRdpaN ABU Garcia Inshore BEAST REVO Baitcaster reel amzn.to/32vBlc4  CLAMP-ON LINE COUNTER amzn.to/2XRr9Mm Scotty Planer Board Releases amzn.to/38BXBU9 Maja Bunker Spoon amzn.to/33nFqzb Maja Bunker Spoon/Mojo Combo amzn.to/2PW5FJ1 Tony Maja Magic Mojo amzn.to/32pOp1o REDI RIG TEAR DROP RELEASE FLOATS amzn.to/2SlPJiq Custom Cutting boards email. FATFISHDesignz@yahoo.com Mention Team Old School for the HOOK-UP!! Ce Smith Heavy Duty Flush Mount Rod Holders 30 Degree amzn.to/2NwkJeU Ce Smith Heavy Duty Adjustables Rod Holders - NO TOY!amzn.to/34LwPGD Navico Medium CHIRP B175 1000Watt Transducer 9Pin amzn.to/34v15qA  Navico High CHIRP WIDE B175 0degree deadrise 1000 watt Transducer 9Pin  amzn.to/2VhdytA Navico High CHIRP WIDE B175 20 degree deadrise mix and match cable. 1000 watts amzn.to/2TxgrpL Navico High Chirp Wide SS175 12 degree deadrise 9 pin Transducer amzn.to/2YcMAEO Navico High CHIRP Wide TransomMount TM185 9pin 1000watt Transducer amzn.to/34yILgl Navico Medium CHIRP Wide TransomMount TM185 9pin 1000watt  Transducer amzn.to/34lMEou Navico Low-High CHIRP Wide TransomMount TM275 9pin 1000watt  Transducer amzn.to/2JRRqRf Navico B150 Med Chirp Transducer amzn.to/2Y9stHF Some of the above are AMAZON LINKS.


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