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Title:The Invitation JOHNNY COPELAND Video Steven Bogarat

by Pete Nickols http://www.sirshambling.com/reviews/j...
It’s Me; The Invitation (plus a demo); Blowing In The Wind (plus a demo); Dedicated To The Greatest; I’m Going To Make My Home Where I Hang My Hat (plus a demo); You’re Gonna Reap Just What You Sow; Wake Up, Little Susie (plus an overdubbed version); Mother Nature; I Waited Too Long (plus a demo); The Hip Hop (plus a demo); Four Dried Beans; Johnny Ace Medley #1; Stealing; Something’s Up Your Sleeve; That’s All Right Little Mama; Coming To See About You; All These Things; Something You Got; It’s My Own Tears That’s Being Wasted; Slow Walk You Down; Danger Zone; If You’re Looking For A Fool; Sufferin’ City (version 2 – solo); I Wish I Was Single; Why Don’t You Make Up Your Mind; Somebody’s Been Scratchin’ (duet by Johnny & Lilly); Sufferin’ City (version 2 – duet by Johnny & Lilly); Soul Power; Ghetto Child; Every Dog’s Got His Day; Wizard Of Art; Dear Mother; You Must Believe In Yourself; Love Attack; Old Man Blues; No Puppy Love; Johnny Ace Medley #2.

At the end of my piece on this web-site entitled “Deep Soul – Towards A Definition” (see here) I actually feature the deepest side of Louisiana-born but, from his early teens-on, Texas-raised Johnny Copeland’s recorded output, because to me he represents that welcome rarity, a blues-man who, despite a tough, gravely vocal timbre, could interpret a gutbucket blues-ballad so soulfully that he successfully bridged the two genres. If you want repeated evidence of this, look no further than this very fine 2-CD Copeland compilation of chiefly Huey Meaux-produced material.
Firstly, however, what is not on these CD’s? Well from this period of Johnny’s long career, just 4 Atlantic and 2 Resco sides, to which one assumes Ace/Kent didn’t have rights. The missing Atlantic sides aren’t all that exciting, with Hurt, Hurt, Hurt probably being the best of the bunch; but on Resco there was the funky “Proving Time” and its excellent, deep flip, “Love Prayer”, which is Johnny’s impressive re-working of the much-recorded “God Bless(ed) Our Love”.
Talking “deep”, all of Johnny’s deepest recordings (except for his Resco side) are indeed included on these CDs. Singling one out from another is time wasted as they are all first-class emotive soul-blues performances. In this category I would place Johnny’s fine tribute to Sam Cooke, “Dedicated To The Greatest” (which also names quite a few other black-music luminaries at its close); the funereally slow and hard-sung “You’re Gonna Reap Just What You Sow”; the organ-propelled blues-meets-gospel of “Mother Nature”; the poignant “Ghetto Child” (also released on Zephyr 101 as well as on the Kent 45 listed on the CD); “Every Dog’s Got His Day”; Dear Mother; and Johnny’s fine take on James Carr’s “Love Attack” as well as the self-co-penned “Old Man Blues”, both of which were originally combined on the same magnificent-value US Kent 45.


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