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Title:Darth Maul: COMPLETE Life Story (Canon 2020) Part 1

The complete life story of Darth Maul, including all Canon information through 2020. From Darth Mauls childhood on Dathomir with the Nightsisters and Mother Talzin, apprenticeship to Darth Sidious, and the lessons he learned watching Palpatine become Emperor. The full story of every Darth Maul comic, The Clone Wars, Solo movie, and Rebels tv show. Part 2 COMPLETE Life of Darth Maul: https://youtu.be/1r2sIsqobJQ Other Complete History Videos: Tarkin: The COMPLETE Life Story (Canon 2021) Part 2 https://youtu.be/1BMZDStKkS4 Kaminoans - Clone Army - Reborn Emperor (COMPLETE HISTORY of Clones) https://youtu.be/kfEvsaA_3K0 Mandalorian Documentary | 24,000 Years of Honor https://youtu.be/awoqOq-n6CQ Force Ghosts: Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know (Star Wars Canon) https://youtu.be/cY4aLAnJf74 🖼️ Get AMAZING METAL PRINT ART from any fandom! 🖼️ Use link for discount on Displate.com displate.com/metanerdzlore?art=5eab8c6b24e7f 📘 Explains how Maul survived Naboo. Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know, Updated and Expanded: amzn.to/37SJRUM 📕 The comics cover Maul's childhood, training with Sidious, and how he worked with Mother Talzin to get revenge. Flashbacks to his past. Darth Maul 1: amzn.to/31jj7dM Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir 1: amzn.to/2tpYz6R 📖🔊 The Ahsoka book covers her run in with Darth Maul on Mandalore, covers some of what we'll see in Clone Wars Season 7. Ahsoka Book: amzn.to/37YgjFe Ahsoka Audiobook: amzn.to/380UxB2 💲 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL FOR FREE 💲 amzn.to/2ybWYP0 Clicking this link will take you to Amazon. If you just buy whatever you were planning to buy anyways, we get a small commission. This will not increase the price you pay for the product, Amazon just rewards us for driving traffic there. For example, a guy bought a bunch of food and house supplies, we got about $5. It can add up, no cost to you, and helps keep the channel running. 📖 FREE AUDIBLE AUDIOBOOK 🎧 Any audiobook, all great quality, free. Link supports the channel. www.audibletrack.com/metanerdz 📚 GROW STRONGER IN THE LORE 📚 CANON Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles: amzn.to/2LZkdoX Star Wars: The Visual Encyclopedia: amzn.to/2AWuRqj Ultimate Star Wars, New Edition: The Definitive Guide to the Star Wars Universe: amzn.to/2nBeBI8 LEGENDS Star Wars: Complete Vehicles: Incredible Cross-Sections: amzn.to/2WdSOX3 The Essential Guide to Warfare: amzn.to/2HyCuIv Star Wars Complete Encyclopedia: amzn.to/2E7najg 💵 JUST $1 CAN KEEP THE CHANNEL ALIVE 💵 Patreon: www.patreon.com/metanerdz Paypal: paypal.me/MetaNerdz 💻 METANERDZ WEBSITE 💻 Vote for the next video!: metanerdz.com/ 😀 SOCIAL MEDIA 😀 Instagram: www.instagram.com/metanerdzlore/ Twitter: twitter.com/ TeamMetaNerdz MetaNerdz Merch!: goo.gl/sbmSp4 Discord: discordapp.com/channels/metan... Facebook: www.facebook.com/MetaNerdz/ 🙏👏 THANK YOU PATRONS! 👏🙏 Will Taylor, Robo Doc, Streeter, Kenneth Gorman, MetaGonk, Thomas Fernandez, Alan Rogers, Lettuce, Brian Keating, Somchate Wasantwisut (Pao), Jesus Ceja, Joshua Cooper, Kent Bierley, Daniel Glomb, Gary Gaskin, James Cella, PastryBoyFritter, Jean J Rodriguez, John Patz, pclazoen, Chris Garcia, Rusty Rowboat, Sebastiaan Hassink, Taylor Simons, Paul Davies, Andrew Bann, Arcane_Rogue, Black Phoenix, Steve Jacobs, Gregoire Bolduc If you want to learn more about us and help feed the cats. Help Support this Channel: www.patreon.com/metanerdz ALSO: Thank you to everyone who give Superchats in the live streams, you guys rock, and I got your names on the Metaboard. #CloneWars #CloneWarsSaved #Season7


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