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Title:The Ups and Downs of Carson Wentz – NFL Week 18 Indianapolis Colts Film Study by Kurt Warner

It's playoff week and I am so excited about the first round of matchups! I am going to do that a little bit later in the week. First a little self promotion, with my American Underdog shirt. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I encourage you to go see the movie! The reviewers have been incredibly touched by the movie. Just encourage you to go check out the movie in a theater near you! It’s a great movie for the whole family so bring everyone. Let me know what you think of the movie on all of our social media platforms. On top of that, if you’re liking the break downs here on YouTube, people are always telling me: “encourage people to subscribe!” Please subscribe to the channel and go ahead and push that button! Keep those numbers up and people seem to be enjoying this channel so share it as well! Now as we get into the breakdown today, I want to look back and maybe the most disappointing moment of last weekend was the Colts going down to Jacksonville. The Jags have been struggling, the Colts have been playing really well. We all know what the result was. Important play-in game for the Colts and didn’t get it done. As you know, I like to break down the quarterbacks. Carson Wentz really had an up and down year. Never played with consistency. Never played with the understanding of what he was seeing to me to make the right throws in critical moments to be able to take this team to another level. Really good defense, great running back, and Carson never came into that point where he was THAT guy. That showed up again on Sunday. This is going to be a look at Carson Wentz and the point in time of his career and where I believe he has to get better moving forward if he wants to be that franchise guy. Hopefully in Indy because they did some good things down the stretch this year. There are certain things he has to get better with if he wants to be THAT guy. Let’s take a look. You see all the little things. Quarterbacks, coaches, continually work on getting your eyes in the right spot. Understand the big picture of the concept. Understand who you’re putting pressure on defensively. Get your eyes there right now. You don’t need to look off that much. Looking off is not that big of a deal as people say it is. Yes there are certain routes where we want to look people off. Go Routes holding that free safety, working double seams: work the free safety to one side and throw to the other. But on most good concepts, you don’t have to hold a backside safety to throw it front side. There is now reason to get your eyes over there. Get your eyes on the right guy, get a definitive answer as to who you are reading and where I need to throw the football. Too many guys spend too much time looking at things they don’t need to look at and it gives them all kinds of problems because they hold the football too long and you take sacks. Carson Wentz has got to get better at this. This is what he struggled with last year in Philly. Not knowing where to get his eyes right off the bat and you see having some of those same issues with Indy this year. Although Frank Reich did a better job of calling concepts to get his eyes in the right spot. Earlier, it comes back to haunt you every single time if you have got to hold the football. If you’re not sure where the ball or your eyes have to go and you’re looking all over the place, that means you don’t know what you are looking at and you’re just trying to find someone open. You play in that world, especially in the higher levels you get to, the more you are going to struggle.


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