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Title:Charmed: The Second Generation! 2x11"Wyatt and Chris vs Syrus"-2x19"Great Friends and Cousins again"

Sypnosis: "In season 2 episode 11, a powerful demon makes Scott's werewolf side take over and try to attack everybody in the Halliwell family! After trying to hurt everyone, Syrus and Stiles trap him in the attic and keeps everyone else out, after finally getting Scott to realize what's happening and what he's doing, Scott tries to sacrifice himself in order to save everyone else! Syrus and Stiles try to save him but Wyatt and Chris hold them back and tries to let Scott die and say that it's too late, but PJ, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and Andy don't think that. After Syrus suddenly getting so mad that his eyes turn into whitelighter orbs, Stiles tries to calm him down! But then, after Syrus trying to kill Wyatt and Chris trying to kill Syrus, Stiles tries to kill Chris. Then, Melinda knocks Stiles out, then Syrus shoots two ice blades, one towards Wyatt and one towards Chris, the only person who could stop them was a freezing time witch or an ice controlling witch! Melinda then freezes the ice blades! Then, Syrus grabs her and an unconscious Stiles and orbs out, but Piper and Phoebe find them in the living room with Syrus trying to hurt her! Piper and Phoebe try to calm him down, then Syrus grabs Melinda and an unconscious Stiles and orbs back to the attic and throws Melinda down then wakes up Stiles and threatens Paige and Andy to heal him or they will join Scott in death if he dies! But Stiles stops him and all four of them walk to Scott! But when the healing wouldn't work, Melinda, Piper, and Phoebe try to force Wyatt and even Chris to help, but they just keep thinking that it's too late! This causes Syrus to come at them, but Stiles stops him! Then, Phoebe gives Wyatt her empathy power and Peyton gives hers to Chris! Then, Wyatt and Chris felt what Syrus, Scott, and Stiles had been through, abusive adoptive parents, people they care about dying, everything! They tried to heal him after understanding why they're being like this! But it still didn't work until Wyatt took Chris' hand, Chris took Stiles' hand, and Stiles took Syrus' hand, since Chris was unlocking his healing power, with all four of them it finally worked! Later that night, Wyatt and Chris went to talk to Syrus and apologize and Syrus tells them that what pissed him off so much was that PJ, the other Twice-Blessed Child, didn't think that, along with their parents! Eight episodes later, Piper, Andy, Melinda, Scott, and Stiles had to stop Wyatt and Chris from attacking Syrus after Syrus was trying to attack them! Finally, PJ sends Syrus, Wyatt, and Chris down to the underworld, and Melinda personally sends herself with them, but after powerful Demons and Darklighers hit Melinda with a Darklighter arrow and attack the other three, Wyatt eventually ends up getting hit too, but not before Wyatt, Chris, and Syrus were telekinetically thrown, Chris getting knocked out, and Syrus trying to protect Melinda AND CHRIS with Wyatt! Chris wakes up just to see Wyatt get hit by a darklighter arrow and both Wyatt and Melinda get took! After finding where they are Syrus calms Chris down to help him realize that they need a plan, but then a demon comes up from behind Syrus and has Chris in a situation where he either has to barge in and save his siblings or save Syrus from the demon, Syrus tells him to go for Wyatt and Melinda, Chris looks at them and then at Syrus and the demon who are to his side! Then Chris looks straight ahead, close his eyes and breathes, then with his eyes still closed, Chris softly says "I'm Sorry!" Then, Chris spins towards the demon and Syrus and throws his hand out to use Molecular Acceleration to set the demon on fire! Then, the demon is lit on fire and is vanquished! Then Syrus says thank you and then says it's not over yet! Then Syrus used his telekinesis on the Demons and kills them with the left over Darklighter arrows and vanquishes them! Then, the last and most powerful darklighter there and the last and most powerful demon there created an Athame that can kill any witch with the power of Cryokinesis! So Chris and Syrus quickly create a smoke filled diversion to switch appearances, then the Demon stabs "Syrus" and is still alive after the Demon and the Darklighter are tricked by Syrus and Chris. They reverse their appearances and almost escape but then Chris is hit with a darklighter arrow, then with Melinda's arm around his neck then making Chris' hand touch Wyatt's shoulder, Syrus orbs them all out and have everyone come to the attic and have Paige and Andy heal Melinda and Wyatt first while a lot of demons and darklighters attack them, but before anyone could heal Chris the demons and darklighters take him back to the underword! Then, Wyatt forces everyone, even Melinda, to stay behind! But, after Wyatt orbs down to the underworld, Syrus orbs to Wyatt! Then, Syrus and Wyatt find Chris in a mini cave with a prison type cage door on it! But then, they are attacked! Can they survive?"


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