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Title:Drummer Bill Bruford Special Guest Jim Baugh Outdoors TV

Bill Bruford of Yes, Genesis, King Crimson, Uk, Earthworks, etc, etc, fame. Also Bill is now inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame with his mates Yes. Fantastic time meeting and filming with Bill and his son Alex for several days on the Chesapeake Bay. Bill enjoyed his trip so much he wrote about it in his autobiography, we are honored to say the least. Below is a brief list of some of the field equipment used in producing Jim Baugh Outdoors TV as well as Jim’s best selling novel HOOKED: DJI Mavic Air amzn.to/2SvRh81 DJI Phantom 4 amzn.to/2H4DXoZ Typhoon H Quad chopper amzn.to/2H4IYhu Cannon HD Vixia Camera amzn.to/2XqUh9n Cannon M50 amzn.to/2SsiE2J Flycam Redking Stabilizer amzn.to/2EfjFGm Hero 4 amzn.to/2H6HZNC Hero 7 amzn.to/2VvB2Kf Smatree portable charging system for Mavic Air amzn.to/2EjX0IX Pelican Case amzn.to/2XsHRxN Pelican Case 2 amzn.to/2EhTKxK Manfroto Tripod amzn.to/2SvrGvN Jaws Clamp amzn.to/2tIwmVc Crystal Sky DJI Monitor 5.5 amzn.to/2H7ZtZV Mavemount for Crystal Sky amzn.to/2H7ZTiX Aukey 4k Action Cam amzn.to/2XtsZ2f Western Digital Passport Drive 4t amzn.to/2EsMbof Polar Pro Cine ND PL Filters for DJI Mavic Air amzn.to/2ElPgWL HOOKED by Jim Baugh published by Solstice Publishing is an autobiographical look at the behind the scenes stories of producing a three decade long outdoor television show. This uproarious journey takes you from the Chesapeake Bay to Key West with stories that will make you laugh out loud and maybe even shed a tear. Aftermath, the follow up sequel to HOOKED is bundled with the HOOKED Ver2 that is now available world wide on Amazon. The screenplay based on both books written by Jim Baugh and Donna Bozza in 2018 placed in the top 100 screenplays in Los Angles at the International Screenwriters Association. The book is available in paperback, audio book, and Ebook. In 2011 Solstice Publishing listed HOOKED as book of the month and during the first 8 years of publication HOOKED has received all 5 star reviews from newspapers, magazines, critics and readers. The link below is for the Ebook, all are available at Amazon.com HOOKED by Jim Baugh (Includes Aftermath-2 books) only $1.99USA amzn.to/2Eix2p9 NOTE: There is a chapter in HOOKED about Bills appearance on Jim Baugh Outdoors TV. Great read! Also recommend Bill Brufords Autobiography. Awesome book and he mentions his visit on our show in his book. Thrilled!! JB


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