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Title:The LittleBigPlanet Iceberg Explained | A Deep Dive Into Obscure LBP Facts, Rumors & Glitches

Patreon - https://bit.ly/37WuZaX Discord - https://bit.ly/3myehTc Twitch - https://bit.ly/3oJsgaH Twitter - https://bit.ly/34HlVEE LBP.me - https://bit.ly/3oGxjsp Here it is, my biggest project yet... and just in time for Halloween! I’ve been seeing a lot of these iceberg explained videos around YouTube, you know the icebergs that convey the not so well known facts and rumors about a certain fandom all the way down to the outright crazy and even creepy theories. After watching some of those videos, I’ve been wanting to do one myself and since October is known for being the spooky month, I think now’s a good time to do so. And of course, I’m dedicating this iceberg explained video to the LittleBigPlanet series as I’m quite familiar with it and I don’t believe an iceberg explained video has been made on it until now. Special Thanks to everyone that helped out! Mysterious Cube: YouTube - https://bit.ly/3kQPs4I Twitter - https://bit.ly/3kLM0Z0 Dreamiverse Discord Server - https://bit.ly/35OxvNL Aucratic: Twitter - https://bit.ly/3jHOFkT LBP.me - https://bit.ly/37ZkWld Chunkinator104: YouTube - https://bit.ly/2HUvWpm Twitter - https://bit.ly/2JpcaD2 GlitchMaster7: YouTube - https://bit.ly/3mFC5Vu Twitter - https://bit.ly/3oMYORo Buy a Fix Me Hook Hat Shirt - https://rdbl.co/365Y5Cj LittleBigAnimation: YouTube - https://bit.ly/31ZkKyK Twitter - https://bit.ly/31UXXUP Huge props to Cancerious, PrinceFrizzy, ColinMacQ, TechnicalSock and MysteriousCube for also recovering the English Seaside Theme and more! LittleBigPlanet 1 Alternate Universe Soundtrack: Spotify - https://spoti.fi/35RKazr YouTube - https://bit.ly/3oLqF4i Intro - 0:00 The Tip - 0:40 Glowing Skeleton The LBP2 Boo Button Orrible Material Gardens Fallen Star Fix Me Hook Hat 3D / Infinite Layer Glitch Yellow Head Walker Enemy Freezatron Create in Pod Paininator Pet Profile Corruption LBP1 Delay Hidden Middle Finger The Wheel of Death LittleBigPlanet Hub Was Cancelled Black Popit The Seaside - 9:16 English Seaside Evel Knievel LBP3 Was Originally 30 Layers Evil Avalon LBP1 Pod Music Morse Code Jacob’s Well The Tiki Paradise Level Kit Was A Repurposed Early Manglewood LBP Vita Was an Intended LBP2 Port Parappa the Rapper Costume Pod Bus Stitchem Green LBP Karting Mobile Game LBP3 Alpha Pod Music Removed Monster Kit Blood Ice Cream Truck Sticker Sackboy: A Big Adventure Reuses Concepts From LBP3’s Development The Pod is a Level Unused Team Pick Rosette & Rare Prize Director’s Cap The Middle - 22:28 Dimensional Doorways Sackboy Mash-Up Pack On Xbox 360 Spawn Pop Cancer Communism Allegory Japanese Server Shutdown ps3 User LBP1 Arcade DLC Coat Hanger in Pod Pod Background Info Fridge / Cork Planet The Maxx Marshal LBP3 build / Maxx Marshall Lunar Treehouse LBP Hub Became LBP3 Unused LBP1 Backgrounds The Depths - 32:08 Mezamashi TV Gardens Level Go 8 Bit Themed Version of Think In Sync LittleBigPlanet 1 Alternate Universe Soundtrack Milestone 5 Build Rik Mayall’s Newton in the Burning Town Ambience Killing The Popit Professor LittleBigPlanet Sack App / LBP AR LittleBigPlanet Education Edition The Ant Mesh Eye Bleeding Bull LBP Karting Was Originally ModNation 2 Scrapped Disney DLC The Abyss - 42:32 Every User Creation is Canon to the Franchise LBP Karting for PS Vita Location of Sackboy Spacesuit Plush After Project (Near) Space Cyclops LBP Star Wars Bloody Man Object Needlepoint Acres Underwent Climate Change Lost LittleBigPlanet Flash Game Outro - 49:27 #PS5 #LBP #LittleBigPlanet #SackboyABigAdventure #LBP4 #LittleBigPlanet4 #PlayStation5 #LBPSABA #SABA


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