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Title:Succession Season 3: Shooting locations in Tuscany, Italy. Beyond the HBO trailers and teasers.

Description. Succession: Season 3. Where was it filmed? Go beyond the official trailer HBO, official tease HBO, exclusive clips HBO, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and the cast, and more. Take a trip to the real places in Italy used as the shooting locations of Succession Season 3. Reporting from Siena, in Tuscany, Italy! Siena is the home base for your tour of four of the stunning Italian locations where Succession 3 wraps up this season. We don’t know what Logan, Shiv, Kendall, Roman, Tom, Greg, and Connor will actually be up to. However, we DO know where much of it happens. In this video, you’ll visit the places featured in the final episodes of Succession: Season 3. First, Sovicille and Villa Cetinale, and then three other locations in the Val d’ Orcia region of Tuscany. We’ll check out its Bagno Vignoni, Pienza with La Terraza del Chiostro, and La Foce villa. Val d’ Orcia is so unique and beautiful UNESCO made it a protected site. Location 1. Sovicille and Villa Cetinale. First you follow our favorite terrible father and his four terrible children to Sovicille, a small village west of Siena. It’s summertime during the shoot. Here, radiating from from a low-key village, castles and churches tuck into a magnificent countryside. Well before the horrible Roys showed up, a history of wealth and nobility shaped this part of Italy. Villa Cetinale, the Roys hide-out, lies down a dirt road, behind a vineyard, and below the woods and forest. At the villa, the Roys take over the stunning garden for an opulent party with 120 invitation-only guests. Location 2. Bagno Vignoni, Thermal Bath. Next you travel South of Siena and follow the dark comedy of Succession Season 3 to the glowing thermal town of Bagno Vignoni. Shiv and her ambitious buffoon of a husband, Tom, stroll together along ancient thermal baths where the Romans used to play. You won’t find any other thermal pool that forms the center of an entire village. That and the golden stonework makes Bagno Vignoni an ideal spot for savoring tuscan meals in the many cute restaurants, even if you aren’t a Roy. Location 3. Pienza Now you follow the shoot to the Renaissance village of Pienza, filled with palaces and piazzas. Famous for its sheep’s cheese, it’s time to go to lunch with the Roy siblings. A soothing panorama of rolling tuscan hills spreads before the terrace of La Terrazza Del Chiostro, the setting for another Roy-sibling spat. Location 4. The gardens of La Foce, outside Terme Chianciano. A cast and crew of three hundred people spent three weeks filming Succession season three in the gardens of La Foce, a villa complex near Terme Chianciano. The villa, built in the 15th Century villa employs three full time horticulturists to tend the garden’s every leaf and blade. In the 1920s, Iris Origo, a British aristocrat bought and restored the villa. She installed the gardens where the Roys hold court. During the second world war, Iris, a staunch anti-fascist, used her wealth, her villa, and the renaissance-style gardens to harbor refugee children and allied prisoners of war. Anecdotes suggest that this history of La Foce may have inspired Anthony Minghelia’s film The English Patient, based on Michael Ondaatje’s book of the same name. Conclusion When you watch the final episodes of this season you’ll also see Tuscany’s Cortona, Argiano, and Montalcino. Finally, Lake Como in Italy’s north. Locations in this video were reported in Vulture, Esquire, Conde Nast Traveller, Marie Claire, Harpers Bazaar, Town and Country, Newsweek, London Times, and more. Please Subscribe If you have a YouTube account and you like our videos, please click the subscribe button and request notifications of our weekly postings by selecting the bell. For a whole library of videos and our playlists please visit our channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5UF... About Us We’re Emre and Maia, food lovers and travelers with a combined total of five passports. We make videos about local, authentic, and immersive experiences in Europe. We’re multi-linguists who love to engage with local people in their own language, while we spend our gap year being curious about everything! Longing for simplicity and freedom, we sold our house, put our remaining possessions in storage, and set out with one suitcase and a carry-on each to practice our version of slow travel. Slow travel is a mindset that works whether you have a few days or a whole year — it’s being in the moment. Taking in all the details, being open to opportunities, turning problems into adventures, and following your passions and whims. Though we often give you our opinion as a starting point, we hope our videos inspire you to make your travel your own. We like to keep it real. We did not receive, nor do we ask for compensation from any of the enterprises mentioned in this video. The happygolucky YouTube channel is a production of HAPPY GO LUCKY, LLC, Washington.


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