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Title:Building a Smithy Behind My House

Today we are out, next to the shop, building a lean-to, to cover my outdoor Blacksmith Shop, commonly known as a Smithy. I've been a hobbyist smith since taking a nail making class in 2018. Since then I have been sharing my shop space with an ever-increasing amount of blacksmith supplies, and decided it was time to give this hobby its own space. We picked up the roofing material from Devon's in-laws earlier in the year, who graciously donated it to the cause. Then when the snow melted, the plans began. After a good amount of planning, and coordinating with friends and family, we started the build. First I had to prep the space. There was quite a large Privet bush that had to be removed, and then the land relatively leveled. We marked, dug, and set the posts in concrete for the four corners. Then we connected them with the four stringers, and cut diagonal supports for each corner. We then built the frame for the ten by twelve foot roof on the ground before lifting and setting it in place. We connected it to the stringers with hurricane ties, and then covered it with sheets of half inch OSB. We were finally able to use the metal roofing from the start of the project, and puzzle-pieced it together with a few additional materials to cover the roof. Lastly we brought every thing out of the shop and set it up. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and have since installed lights inside. It will definitely be a great addition to the shop space and the channel, in future videos. A huge thanks goes out to everyone who helped out on this build. My Dad, who was there every day with me. Sean from "Crafting a Life I want". Check his builds out on his YouTube channel and Instagram under the same name. Our good friends Brian and Liz. And Devon, who helped out quite a bit on this project in-front as well as behind the camera. It was a great experience to be able to collaborate physically and mentally with everyone, working together to make my vision a reality. I could not have done it nearly as well and smoothly on my own, let alone as quickly, without their help. Thanks! Check out our podcast, The Art of Craftsmanship, on the Makery Network, where we talk about making things, shop tips, fun stories, and YouTube content creation here... www.makery.network/show/the-art-of-craftmanship/ Follow us on Instagram @theartofcraftsmanship and @theartofcameraguy to see what’s happening in the shop on a daily basis, and catch sneak peeks of our up coming videos. To those of you who feel like you got something special from our videos and want to know how you can support us further, check out our Patreon page here... www.patreon.com/theartofcraftsmanship


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