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Title:Selbstgemachte Gemüsebrühe ohne Chemie: So wird's am besten zubereitet!

I show you how I make my own vegetable broth. Without any chemicals or any additives, super easy and, above all, long-lasting! Great for cooking soups or just for drinking. In order to achieve the very best quality of the homemade vegetable broth, it is best to use regional organic products - but of course this is not a must. After watching this video, you will no longer want to buy vegetable broth from the supermarket because this variant is many times healthier. 🔔 Turn on notifications by clicking the bell and if you particularly like the video, feel free to share it with your friends. 👉 Become a channel member and support us: youtube.com/channel/UC3PYOweYBePUxJor1f0OEsQ/join Ingredients: 3 carrots 1 leek 2 parsnips 2 root parsley 1 onion 2 cloves of garlic 1/2 kohllrabi 1/2 celeriac and its leaves 1 turmeric A handful of parsley sunflower oil 80 grams of salt #healthy_recipes #fresh_recipes #vegetable broth ***** vegetarian recipes,recipes,how to cook,recipe,easy recipes,fresh recipes,easy recipe,eat,eat healthy,fresh recipe,vegetables recipe,vegetables,diet recipes,vegetarian,cook,cook healthy,recipes quick and easy,yummy recipe ,food recipes,delicious,vegetable recipe,lose weight,dinner,yt:cc=on,adelina cooks,zucchini recipes,healthy food,zucchini,delicious recipe,quick recipe,quick recipes,healthy lunch,vegetable recipes,zucchini recipe,healthy,what i eat in a day, healthy recipe, lunch, simple healthy recipes, healthy dinner recipes, lose weight healthy, zucchini recipes fast, cooking recipes, cook delicious, learn to cook, soup, healthy recipes with lots of vegetables, cheap and healthy recipes, healthy recipes for All day, easy healthy dinner recipes, easy healthy lunch recipes, healthy breakfast recipes, broccoli recipe, cook broccoli, vegan recipes, cheap recipes, lunch recipes, cook vegetables, what i eat, breakfast, broccoli, low calorie, healthy nde nutrition, eat healthy, paulina wallner, eat fitness, fitness recipe, sascha huber, calories, recipes for losing weight, full day of eating, soups, vegetable soup, slim, nutrition, low carb, high in protein, cheap recipe, delicious broccoli recipe, broccoli Pan recipes, cheap healthy cooking, make zucchini soup yourself, recipes under 300 calories, under 300 calories, eggs and vegetables, fast and delicious, low-calorie recipes, fitness recipes, dinner recipes, broccoli recipes, broccoli casserole, eat cheap, shop cheap, cheap Cooking, zucchini soup recipe, zucchini cream soup recipe, ken cooks, without meat, fitness nutrition, snack recipes, delicious lunch, zucchini casserole, cooking recipes, vegetable cake, cooking recipe, thebeauty2go, snacks, zucchini recipe, zucchini soup, home workout, calorie information, vegetable pan, soup, cooking channel ,cauliflower,favorite recipes,vegetable dinner,healthy vegan dinner,delicious pie recipe,cooking for beginners,how to cook veggies,healthy dinner,delicious pie recipe ,delicious cake recipe,asmr cooking,let's cook,healthy dinner,cheap meals,food diary,delicious dinner,dinner recipe,healthy cheap shopping,cheap and healthy,healthy cheap meals,healthy dinner with lots of vegetables,healthy cheap food,cheap vegan recipes ,one day healthy eating,cheap recipes for students,quick and cheap recipes,cheap vegan recipes,healthy and cheap recipes,best djuvec rice,cheap recipes under 7 euros,cheap recipes for Hartz 4 recipients,quick and easy recipes,chickpea curry vegan ,cheap recipes for losing weight,cheap recipes under 10 euros,sautéed vegetables with broccoli,chili con quinoa,recipes for beginners,simple healthy eating,recipes for beginners men,simple healthy dishes,simple broccoli soup,broccoli soup recipe,quick and delicious recipe, Zucchini soup recipe, zucchini recipes diet, quick and easy, eat healthy for little money, eat healthy cheap, cook with little money, cook with little money, cheap, healthy food, cooking for 1 euro, what I eat


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