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Title:Removing Pressed in Rocker Studs & Tapping for Screw in Studs on Vortec Heads

How to pull OEM press-in rocker arm studs and replace them with screw in studs on small block chevy cylinder heads. Also what to do when a stud breaks. I'll be Using the Generic SBC stud tool with a slight adaption to make it work with vortec heads. I tried a few different methods to pull the studs and hope some find the information in this video helpful when they do their own heads. The factory studs are being replaced with stronger 3/8 speedway motors chromoly studs. REMINDER use a thread locker or sealer on BOTH the intake and exhaust base threads because they are through holes and coolant or oil can seep. Some other Vortec videos -basic porting https://youtu.be/EeTmlY9Kjfw -valve seal tool https://youtu.be/NiosUL5qwv4 -head identification https://youtu.be/ODShOxYHc0U -intake prep https://youtu.be/xQpwhGJ1ID4 Vortec crate unboxing https://youtu.be/3re0HDUiFyE Part 2 Tear Down Begins https://youtu.be/JyEFm7ee3Hk Part 3 Short Block https://youtu.be/PGksCRY5G8A Part 4 Heads https://youtu.be/gsBMYnKaXDQ Vortec Intake Modified to fit 12 bolt pattern https://youtu.be/tStMtkF3420 Speedmaster Vortec Dual Plane https://youtu.be/LKv6dRNbELM OG ebay Aluminum Heads https://youtu.be/oFQ9VpkNonw 2.0 ANOTHER set of ebay Heads https://youtu.be/rwkm2w9n9yU 3.0 Third set & comparison of ebay Heads https://youtu.be/tC3OxGlOrjM 4.0 & 5.0 MORE ebay heads https://youtu.be/PZlYni8MCQ0 6.0 Final Set? https://youtu.be/_tWDYb6yclY DART SHP OLD Heads https://youtu.be/Z7gCEhSxR_A SHP OLD vs NEW Heads https://youtu.be/42R26b6_sjg Procomp VS ebay https://youtu.be/D1hF9WSYVvA Procomp Deck Surface video https://youtu.be/Ji91voawPRs Procomp IRON Heads https://youtu.be/5aAj4v3V0kk Sportsman II Cylinder Heads -Short Review https://youtu.be/HitAl6CVdpw -Ramble bout my sets of SP2's https://youtu.be/O6Ovmy7iX4U Ported Dart II Heads Finishing [Part 1] https://youtu.be/Rui4gW-NY4o [Part 2] https://youtu.be/5IOf4uQ6m_E [Part 3] https://youtu.be/YcXznUhNUdI Mystery SBC Cylinder Head??? [SOLVED] https://youtu.be/ADR-1K2SJGI BPE Heads UP https://youtu.be/r7Y6oSZL7Fg Part 2 https://youtu.be/Da53gOsmBNk Cylinder Head Bolt & Stud WASHER Prep https://youtu.be/skvJHh-7i70 PORTING Related Vids diy Porting with Compact Electric Die Grinder https://youtu.be/4QlAn0-1-kU Metabo Die Grinder https://youtu.be/OcuJnqZcIL4 Video where I made the dummy valves and plugs https://youtu.be/zORloED4jF8 Short Thread Protectors Vid https://youtu.be/2vz-0XLTb7Y Speedway Motors studs 577RM348 amzn.to/38HHFzV Speedway Tool & Stud kit 91605015 amzn.to/2V4OWGe Permatex 24300 Surface Insensitive Threadlocker amzn.to/2P1Mts4 7/16-14 four flute coated taps Taper, Plug, Bottom Quality USA made McMasterCarr.com Speedway Motors Links -studs www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-Screw-In-Rocker-Ar… -tool & studs kit www.speedwaymotors.com/SBC-Head-Stud-Puller-3-8-In… Torch used amzn.to/2Hx8oTQ HF Impact used www.harborfreight.com/12-in-aluminum-air-impact-wr… HF Drill bit set www.harborfreight.com/titanium-drill-bit-set-29-pc… Small Tap Handle amzn.to/2uW70rd Large Tap Handle amzn.to/37AK8Lj Outro music soundcloud.com/ryan-cc/freddie-dredd-jak3-wit-it?i… Some of my videos contain Amazon affiliate links, not sponsored or it would be clearly mentioned in the video! I only link what I use in the video or think is relevant to each video and my affiliation doesn't affect my video planing. Being an affiliate is a way for me to monetize my videos to offset cost and increase my resources to create content. Required text “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” Thx for your support.


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