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Title:Zhea Erose - Gossamir [from Dreamsura]

DOWNLOAD / HEAR: zheaerosemusic.bandcamp.com/album/dreamsura ABOUT DREAMSURA: "With her d├ębut LP Dreamsura, 21 year old Zhea Erose does her best to contradict Leonardo da Vinci's assertion that 'Art is never finished, only abandoned'. Sprawling in its length and beyond meticulous in its detail, this nearly seventy minute odyssey blurs the lines between organic and synthetic, juxtaposing classical sensibilities with schizophrenic drum and bass breaks, and sacrificing unity and repetition for ceaseless sonic explorations." - Altsounds, 2013 ABOUT GOSSAMIR: This track is one of my favorite compositions from the first album. I love performing this piece live. It's a expansive, ambient, and glitchy journey. Chromatically tuned gongs, bell tones, rain storms, acoustic guitar, ambient clouds, and dream&bass. The form on this one is a bit weird. It's essentially 3 big sections that don't repeat. The first section is very long and gradually builds to a climax. The second section introduces the thematic rain which is all over the rest of the album. Lastly, the third section grows out into a massive climax almost exactly 66% of the way through the piece. Yes, the word is spelled wrong intentionally (always get questions about this). I should have had this music on YouTube a long time ago! released July 5, 2013, copyright all rights reserved see bandcamp. Some loser tried to steal this and copy right strike me. FUCK OFF! Composed, produced, mixed, mastered by Zhea Erose Artwork by Claude Monet Guest performance on "Shattering into Darkness" by Sean Ashe SOCIAL: zheaerosemusic.bandcamp.com/album/dreamsura www.facebook.com/zheaerosemusic soundcloud.com/zheaerose zheaerose.com/


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