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Title:DIY Crackle Using Elmer's Glue | Wine Bottle Craft | Decoupage

DIY Crackle Using Elmer's Glue | Wine Bottle Craft | Decoupage The original bottle from this video is now on sale! For more details click this link! www.instagram.com/p/CBlfykXp4VW/ This week's video is this crackle up-date that is in more detail. I hope this helps you guy’s out and that I was able to answer your questions. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask me in the comment section below, you know I always answer back! Love you guys! I hope you enjoyed it, and don’t forget to hit that like button if this was helpful! See you next week! :) Other Crackle Bottles you might like: Crackle Playlist: /playlist?list=PLA4hMP-BRI530MrHTdKPBFdokz8tMG2Hm DIY Crackle With Elmer's Glue | Wine Bottle Crafts | LED Lights https://youtu.be/ZoMN1yYaUuI DIY Storage Box | Decoupage And Crackle With Elmer's Glue https://youtu.be/Uu5cdfopJeg Easy DIY Crackle Vase | Decoupage | Shabby Chic https://youtu.be/_AFzjdT36tM DIY Crackle Using Elmer's Glue | Wine Bottle Craft | Decoupage youtu.be/f5zsB1aIJbw DIY Decoupage Roses/Crackle Wine Bottle Gift? (HD) | Easy Crackle With Elmers Glue https://youtu.be/b_IrTQ66Q9Q DIY Decoupage/Crackle Wine Bottle For A Friend (HD) | Bottle Art https://youtu.be/8QpQKcPcD34 What I used: 1.) Empty Wine Bottle 2.) Plaid Apple Barrel Acrylic Paints ( Matte White, Purple Pansy, Lilac Mist & Clover Fields. 3.) Sealer Polycrylic Spray 4.) Mod Podge 5.) Elmer's Glue ( White PVA Glue ) 6.) Pouncer Brushes 7.) Paint Brushes www.walmart.com/ip/Royal-Brush-Value-Pack-25-Pack-… 8.) Fan or Hair Dryer 9.) Paper Napkin www.etsy.com/listing/516623913/2-purple-paper-napk… 10.) Scissors A tiny bit about myself: Hi, my name is Ivelisse. I've been artistic and creative my whole life. Unfortunately, it wasn't an easy one. I'm a survivor of many trials and tribulations. All the trauma caused me to develop serious mental health issues. I was self-medicating by using drugs and alcohol for over twenty years. On August 1st, 2014, I threw myself at the mercy of the Lord and prayed to be saved. I've been sober and clean ever since. Amen! I started living for the first time since I was a little girl. It all started with my health/fitness and, soon after, I found myself itching to get back to my passion, my art! But, I didn't just want to do it for myself. I wanted to share that joy with others. Not long after, I created my YouTube channel DIY No Need To Cry! I took the very bottles that were killing me and started to turn them into art. It's also a place where I get to share what I know and learn from others along the way. I also wanted to create a fun and safe space. I'm a very dorky person, and if I could make just one person smile, in a world full of hardships, if only for a brief moment, in a world that can be cruel at times, then I wanted that opportunity. With each piece I create, I replace a bad memory and create new ones with you! Welcome to the crafty fam! God bless you all! Business Inquiries ONLY Email: diynoneedtocry@yahoo.com Follow me: My Instagram: www.instagram.com/diynoneedtocry/ My Twitter: twitter.com/DIYNoNeedToCry My Facebook: www.facebook.com/DIY-No-Need-To-Cry-56351606385090… #ElmersGlueCrackle #DIYCrackle #BottleCraft **NO PERSON OR PARTY HAS PERMISSION TO DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO, AND RE-UPLOAD IT IN A COMPLETE OR ALTERED STATE*** Altered wine bottles, DIY wine bottle crafts, wine bottle decor, decorative wine bottles, how to decorate wine bottles, wine bottle decorations, wine bottle home decor, DIY wine bottle decorations, glam bottles, wine bottle art, bottle art, bottle crafts, wine bottle crafts, blinged out bottles, handmade, wine bottle design, DIY No Need To Cry,


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