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Title:NIYAZ- Sabza Ba Naz (The Triumph of Love) Official Music Video

From the album "The Fourth Light" NIYAZ offers a new rendition of traditional Afghan folk song with additional poetry and original music composed by Azam Ali and Loga R.Torkian. Music video is directed by Montreal visual artist Jérôme Delapierre. Shot in Montreal, Canada 2015. Language Dari (anonymous lyrics) with additional Farsi poetry by 11th century Persian poet Baba Taher Lyris & Translation SABZA BA NAZ (The Triumph of Love) Language- Dari and Farsi Ala yar jaan chera rangat khazanast Nakhor ghose khodavand mehrabanast Miyane ma vo to ahdo neshanast Ala yar jan khatar darad jodai Oh why my love do you look withered Don’t be troubled for the beloved is kind Between you and me there is a bond and faith The only danger is in our seperation Sabza ba naz miyayad mahrame raz miyayad Sabza ba naz miyayad mahrame raz miyayad Az dele por dardam beshno Del be niyaz miyayad The world will be green with abundance again The keeper of faith will arrive Listen to a heart that has seen its share of pain The heart will reach its goal Bia ke sine ra sahra besazim Bia ke didera darya besazim Bia ta bastari az par besazim Yeki khane ze eshq az sar besazim Come, let your heart become as empty as a desert Come, let our eyes see beyond the expanse of the sea Come, let us build a home from divine feathers One home built from nothing but love Derakhte gham be janam karde rishe Be daghe khoda minalam hamishe Rafighan ghadre yek digar bedanid Ajal sang ast o adam mesle shishe The pain of longing has taken root in my life My cries of pain are endless Friends, know the value of one another For life is a stone and man is as fragile as glass


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