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Title:100 Year Anniversary For Valentino, Chaplin, And Fairbanks Movies of 1921

We are at a fascinating point in movie history where we can celebrate a hundred years of some important titles being out, quite an exciting milestone. For this episode, we are looking at the top three grossing films of 1921, starting with The Three Musketeers (15:07), which of course has been adapted many times, even before this release. This one stars Douglas Fairbanks, in his own signature style as an action/adventure hero, playing D'Artagnan in this swashbuckling film.

Then, The Kid (32:45), the first feature film from Charlie Chaplin as a director, in this title which he also wrote and starred in. It carries his own comic stylings, with him as his famous Tramp character, but with some personal edges. He uses his own upbringing in poverty as inspiration to tell this story of the Tramp becoming an unexpected foster parent to an abandonded boy. Sweet and funny, a classic of its kind.

Finally, the top grossing film of 1921 is The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (50:49), an epic tale that brings us to World War I from a time when it was not yet called World War I. This movie is notable often for starring Rudolph Valentino, the Latin Lover who became a star from this movie. And while I certainly discuss Valentino's star turn, it is also more than him, as we see a wealthy family caught in the midst of the war once it rages on, and their money squabbles become not so important.

Join me on this exciting episode of Movie Marathon Mood!


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