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Title:ghar me khatna kaise kiya jata hai| ghar me khatna karne ka process kya hai|

ghar me khatna kaise kiya jata hai| ghar me khatna karne ka ptocess kya hai|


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🙏DISCLAIMER Every effort has beenmade to ensure the correct information of this video but its moral responsibility is not for the Mom dad and baby Channel . It is our humble request that you should consult your doctor before trying any remedy , our aim is to give you the right information.💞🙏

💞💞💞mom dad and baby is a channel created to share personal experiences with it's audiences, none of the recommendations of this channel are sponsored by any company or product. We do not endorse any particular brand or company. We also are not medical professionals so please consult your doctor before taking any medication or trying any remedy suggested in our videos. As each baby and pregnant lady is different recommendations on this channel may not work for you, and should not be considered as an excuse to not visit your doctor or consult a medical practitioner💞💞💞💞 #khatna #gharmekhatna #khatnakyukiyajatahai #khatnakaisekiyajatahai #momdadandbaby


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