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Title:Full Sunderkand by Ashwin kumar Pathak

For Education purpose only to understand religious value of Indian Culture. Jay Shri Ram, Jay Shri Hanuman EDUCATIONAL IMPORTANCE: Sunderkand is a chapter from the Ramcharitmanas which is written by the revered poet Goswami Tulsidas. It is one of the seven kands (sections) of what constitutes the epic Ramayana and it is believed that reciting Sunderkand on a regular basis can help ward off evils, remove obstacles in path and bestows one with happiness and prosperity. Sunderkand is one such text that mentions about a devotee’s victory. It highlights how Lord Hanuman crossed the ocean and survived the obstacles during his journey to Lanka to find Sita Maa. Since Lord Hanuman was successful in his mission to gather information about Sita, this chapter also depicts the wisdom and vigour of Lord Hanuman. Sunderkand also mentions a few significant life lessons. In Sunderkand, Lord says “Nirmal Man Jan So Mohe Paava, Mohe Kapat Chhal Chidra Na Bhaava,” which means that like himself, the Lord also likes those devotees who have a pure mind and noble thoughts.


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