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Title:Strangest Thing I've Found In a Slab

How to make a modern solid wood and epoxy desk.I just finished this walnut and resin desk I made for my father in law. A lot of times you guys want to know how much I made from a project, so the answer is nothing this time! Materials would cost around $1000 for a similar one though if you want to try one yourself. Need one on one help? I offer a few consultations a week. Details below. 30 minute video consultation: www.blacktailstudio.com/shop/consultation Related blogs and videos: How to make an epoxy table blog/video: www.blacktailstudio.com/blog/how-to-make-an-epoxy-… Get a finish like this: https://youtu.be/DrF-UWvcB6I How to attach table legs: www.blacktailstudio.com/blog/how-to-attach-table-l… How to make an epoxy form: www.blacktailstudio.com/blog/how-to-make-an-epoxy-… How to calculate epoxy: www.blacktailstudio.com/blog/epoxy-volume-calculat… Photography tutorial: https://youtu.be/QG-qEyRg77U Items used in this build: Table Legs: flowyline-official.myshopify.com/?rfsn=5707840.6ac… Liquid Glass Epoxy: amzn.to/2YJdchb Track saw: amzn.to/2CbWEXq Angle grinder: amzn.to/30StKWP Wire wheel for angle grinder: amzn.to/2UV4ZFr Restorer: amzn.to/3lcK2Bn Tyvek tape: amzn.to/2P4r80D Mold release: amzn.to/2P5zVjd Transtint black: amzn.to/2zL4Ih8 Paddle mixer: amzn.to/3hzLdZU Respirator: amzn.to/2UVhAIP Propane torch: amzn.to/3fwnisz Art brush: amzn.to/2BfuN8k Black CA glue: amzn.to/3hDyW6U CA glue activator: amzn.to/3e7qoTv Clear CA glue: amzn.to/3eddtPY Metal chop saw: amzn.to/3hFmyDa Festool router: amzn.to/3frNRPA Threaded inserts: amzn.to/2AMDIOz 1/2" Spiral router bit: amzn.to/37CQjjm 1/4" router bit: amzn.to/30YBYg9 Festool Rotex: amzn.to/3hDzERC Festool finish sander: amzn.to/2CiDXl3 Bahco scraper: amzn.to/3ecX6Tz Track clamps: amzn.to/3hE6cuE Gem sander/buffer w/shroud: amzn.to/2XazhoK Gem sander/buffer w/o shroud: amzn.to/2D2sGG5 Rubio monocoat finish: amzn.to/2BEzF7t Sandpaper storage: amzn.to/2ELsewC Festool track square: tsoproducts.com/ Light Wand: amzn.to/33BSwKi Photography light pair: amzn.to/3lQxpfN blacktailstudio.com/ instagram.com/blacktailstudio facebook.com/blacktailstudio


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