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Title:Mira & Viola 227 [eng subs]

We have finally caught up with Miola's story! This is how the spring season finale ended. The series is on summer break so I don't have any new scenes to upload at the moment. The first episode of the fall season will air on TV on the 9th of August. (UPDATE: It will actually air on the 23rd of August.) The trailer hasn't been released yet but I'll let you know when it's available. However, I doubt I'm allowed to post new scenes on the same day they air on TV. From what I've understood from other channels that have posted scenes from the show, the series has a strict copyright policy for the first two weeks. I contacted the production company Fremantle Media and asked them how long I have to wait until I'm allowed to post new scenes, but they're on summer holiday. They will go back to work on the 9th of August. I'll let you know then what they answer. I'm gonna take a little break from my channel now. Translating Miola's story has been a huge project these last seven months. I want to rest and enjoy the summer. I'll come back when I have some news to share. However, I'll still continue to add Miolafantasy's French and German translations so don't worry about that. Thank you my friend for your hard work in making this story accessible to more people. It's a pleasure to work with you! I'm also grateful for all the support you've given me, especially when I've been feeling down. Thank you also to all my other subscribers! I appreciate your support immensely. Your comments have motivated me to continue translating Miola's story. Uploading these videos and seeing your reactions and thoughts are the highlights of my week. I love interacting with you, it makes my day! It also feels surreal that there are 41,000 of you here. I'm glad that so many people are interested in Miola's story. Thank you for sticking around and being patient! Miola's story playlist: /playlist?list=PLK0gZfWGObXuL_BN3SXjfWNxa7UbdT3FD #miola​ #salkkarit​ #salatutelämät​ #violahelenius​ #mirajokinen​ #lgbt​ #lgbtq​ #sapphic​ #lesbian​ #wlw​ #lesbiancouple​


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