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Title:Random Jam #41 [laidback hip-hop w/ Jazz Bass, Digitakt, Microcosm & Pralines]

Some more live-looping shenanigans. You can support what I do on Patreon : www.patreon.com/aldoistaken You'll get some cool stuff in return like sample packs, guitar tabs or setup breakdown videos, love y'all. (Patch note below) As usual the Digitakt is the brain of the setup, it provides the drums as well as the eagle sound. I also use the built-in MIDI sequencer to control the Octatrack which provides both the Wurlitzer sound and the bleepy synth around 2:04. That synth goes through the Microcosm which creates the R2D2-type bloops on top. I use the ZOIA for the routing of the guitar, nothing really interesting happening here. One of the guitar path goes through the Glou-Glou Pralines for some extra fuzz and envelope filter on the solo at the end. Finally the Aeros Loop Studio is looping both the guitar and the bass. Every element was recorded onto a separate track and I mixed the whole thing inside Logic Pro X. I added some reverb/delay and I mastered the result with Izotope Ozone 9. I also did some timing edits. Hope you’ll like this oneee, love y’all, Aldo Download the track here : drive.google.com/file/d/1CWoxdqPuvyMqqe2ILHmvhesAd… Find me on Spotify : tinyurl.com/aldo-spotify Follow me on Instagram : www.instagram.com/aldo.is.taken Special thanks to the Patreon gang who makes this whole thing possible : Tom Tytgat, Seth Weaver, a.mopey, Cory Kiser, Tilman, Boris Potschubay, Chanse Macabre, H, Steve Bragg, Jeremiah Douglas, Joao Paulo, Maya Acharya, James Ross-Smith, WasabiNoise, Markus Burri, Daniel Babai, Chris Landon, el.cab_drake.jar, Jennifer Yip, miles, Callum, Andrew Nicholls, Philipp Kitterer, Jason Amador, Paul Ewasuik, Isaac, Mike Lynch, Gene Byrne, Nikola, Longfox, Mindful Peace Journey, Serezha Rogozha, Greg Beaudry, Michael, Ben Cerezo, Hugo Grimmet, Eric, Molly Diane Armstrong, Смирнов Михаил, p_dro, Alan Humble, Tom είναι, Claude Stucki, Abi Crisp, Stefan Gysler, Carlos Velásquez, Sergio Vives, Steven Chen, Peter, Zak Kramer, Bohdan Turchyk, Naoto, Luke, Jonathan Brule, Romain Saget-Lethias, Peter Johansen, Thomas Rebers, Sneeuwdag, JackDeDramma, MeineQuest, Samuel Sydnor, Tomas Neme, Project Null, Jamie Mckinven, Tyler Porter, Otavio Carvalho, Nikolay Zhulikov, Mike Solomon, Bones, Ian Threadgold, Jonny Toonami, Lucas Khaleq, Jonathan Greger, Merlina Moreau, Paul Sabanal, Ryan Kotler, Doug Powell, Ryan, Isaac Szymanczyk, James Mathewson, vbinetsky, Andrew Creek, Eddie Gomez, Grellow, João Alexandre, menu, Adi Goldstein, Quinn, Matthew Wahba, John Gratke, Corey Fleeman, Sam Geballe, Shane, Jesse Iorfino, Amar Kashyap, Moviĝi, Michele Massa, Isaac Orion, Khan Burton, Kazuki Nakahara, Alberto Grande, Haul A Balloon, Tor, Benjamin Eppes, Joseph Luque, Mockchop, Trevor B, Dario Delgado, Charlie Mezak, Romain Mercier, Liam N D, Simon Klein & Campbell Thompson Here is a list of the gear I used for this video : - Elektron Digitakt [bit.ly/3t0R3ss] - Elektron Octatrack MKII [bit.ly/3wA5dD9] - Hologram Electronics Microcosm - Singular Sound Aeros Loop Studio - Arturia Keystep 37 [bit.ly/3uvjEXu] - Empress Effects ZOIA [bit.ly/3mtZMkK] - Glou-Glou Pralines [bit.ly/3unObWW] - Fender Stratocaster Classic Player 60 with Kinman AVn-69 pick-ups - Fender Jazz Bass - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 [bit.ly/2Q4CRjO] The links are affiliated to Perfect Circuit, I get a small commission on any sale made through these. Any enquiries : aldo.watergun@gmail.com #livelooping #randomjams


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