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Title:Knocking Out Acres! - #688

Merchandise - farmfocused.com/border-view-farms Amazon Link - amzn.to/3tClXuq Border View Farms is a mid-sized family farm that sits on the Ohio-Michigan border. My name is Nathan. I am fortunate to be able to farm with my dad, Mark and uncle, Phil. I make and edit all of the videos posted here. Our part-time employee, Brock, also helps with the filming. Occasionally I'll get my dad in a video as well. While I am the 4th generation in my family to farm some of what we are still farming today, I really credit my dad with making our farm what it is. 1980 was our first year in Waldron where our main farm is now. Since then we have grown the operation from just a couple hundred acres to over 3,000. Watch my 500th video for a history of our farm I filmed with my dad. I started making these videos in the fall of 2019 as a way to help show what I do on a daily basis as a farmer. Agriculture is different from any other industry and I believe the more people that are showing their small piece of agriculture, helps to build our story. We face unique challenges and stressful situations but have some of the most rewarding payoffs in the end. I get to spend everyday doing what I love, raising my kids on the farm, and trying to push our farm to be better every year. I hope that I can address questions or concerns that you might have about farms and agriculture. Please enjoy my content and ask questions as you have them. I do my best to answer anything I can. Thanks for watching! I appreciate you subscribing to my channel and liking my videos. You can also find me on Facebook facebook.com/borderviewfarms and on Instagram @borderviewfarms


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