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Title:How To Grow Tons Of Sweet Potatoes In A 5-Gallon Bucket?

How to grow tons of sweet potatoes in a 5-gallon bucket? Okinawan Sweet Potatoes: amzn.to/3pUXyx3 Variety Sweet Potatoes: amzn.to/3qtt1GX Cheap 5-Gal Buckets: amzn.to/3RlSKwE What's up hillbillies today. I'm going to showing you how to grow your all superintended. I was in a five-gallon bucket. It's an extremely fast process of sitting here and what I'm trying to grow anything and sweet potato that I had, which is in natural light and just starting to sprout one day. That got me on the idea of growing sweet potatoes, sweet potatoes, and potatoes. You can continuously eat. They're a great source of food. This is a very easy way to grow up and because they're a five-gallon bucket and you could bring some and glow them through the winter time. So, you got this called the street fit of slip. Every single node and joint will actually produce a sweet potato vine. Super simple guys, again in under five minutes, that was all the labor that was required to actually get you and your family, a bountiful harvest of sweet piddle. We'll show you what that looks like when we harvest them here in a few months until that guys like subscribe, check out the other stuff and we'll see you next time. Timestamps 00:00 – Intro 00:05 – Grow your own sweet potatoes in a 5-gallon bucket. 00:35 – Sweet Potato Slip 00:59 – Step 1: snip the end node and let it sit in the water 01:37 – Step 2: After the roots grow get your 5-gallon ready 02:03 – Put 8 holes in your bucket for good drainage 02:25 – Put your loose pack soil to your bucket 02:37 – Plant the roots under the ground of your bucket 02:52 – Water your plant's soil 03:18 – Soil without moisture content 04:28 – Last Step: Must have a sacrificial Layer to retain moisture. 05:10 – Least work as much as possible 05:35 – Soak the mulch to keep the plant cooler 06:29 – Asian style yam 06:48 – You can eat the greens from sweet potato only 07:11 – Protect your plants from winter 08:03 – Cut the vines and dip it in the water 08:30 – Japanese sweet potatoes for $27 09:05 – Outro ______________________________________________________________________ My goal this year is to get to 5000 subscribers by the end of 2022! If you are interested in Real Estate, Lean Principles, Bettering your Life, Making life Easy, or are even the tiniest bit entertained, If you're not completely against it, subscribe and I'd love to bring you along for the journey! To see how I spend all my time now that I have reached FIRE(Financial Independence Retire Early) check you my second channel: Hillbilly Millionaire Homestead /channel/UCI9FIufZjMGkGceSSVyAFxQ Support us on Patreon! Even $1/mo helps me bring y'all content! www.patreon.com/hughcarnahan Get 100 Bonus Tickets! $2,500 value! Use code HUGH3 www.withyotta.com/?code=HUGH3 To the best of my knowledge, statistically the highest APY High Yeild Savings Account at this time. Build Passive Income with these books: Set For Life - amzn.to/3qgg6ZP Rich Dad Poor Dad - amzn.to/3FhbPta Never Split the Difference - amzn.to/3zLWjof BRRRR - amzn.to/3ncUqfi Millionaire Next Door - amzn.to/3tgmHFq Long Distance REI - amzn.to/31LYATI Rental Property Investing - amzn.to/332TR0L House Hacking Strategy - amzn.to/3zLWujp Extreme Ownership - amzn.to/3f9QMhM Hone your Lean skills with these books: 2 Second Lean - amzn.to/3A0TIqJ The Toyota Way - amzn.to/3Fo9RaM Good to Great - amzn.to/3tgnHcE The Goal - amzn.to/3nfQri3 Lean Tools/Stuff: Kaizen Foam - amzn.to/3tfH2KW Kaizen Marker - amzn.to/3timUIq Milwaukee Packout System - amzn.to/3fdlTJb Ryobi Starter Kit (Impact Driver, Drill, Sawzaw, Skill Saw) - amzn.to/3nfCRet Keep it Simple Drill Bit system - amzn.to/3GdOLNk Camera Equipment: Sony ZV-1 - amzn.to/31Lu8ZR Sony Vlogger - amzn.to/332UXJV Tripod - amzn.to/3qfOqnO Gorilla Tripod - amzn.to/3FidVJe Tripod Ball Joint - amzn.to/3zKVBHC Ring Light Phone holder with tripod - amzn.to/3Gh7BmI ShotgunMic - amzn.to/3qgWEfy Lav Mic (Super important!) - amzn.to/3Fievqo Get Educated for FREE!!!! I'm not affiliated with BiggerPockets, but if it weren't for all their free content they put out, I'd have ZERO knowledge, and I wouldn't be where I am today. They deserve most of the credit for my success! Bigger Pockets Real Estate Podcast: youtube.com/watch?v=RikNH... Bigger Pockets Rookie Podcast: youtube.com/watch?v=SoIJ_... Bigger Pockets Money Podcast: youtube.com/watch?v=dQhoZ... Snag two free stocks on Webull! Open an account and get a free stock. Deposit $100 and get a second free stock(could value up to $1400). act.webull.com/e/qXdtU4fqfqnX... Follow me on Instagram @hillbillymillionaire #sweetpotato #growyoursweetpotato #sweetpotatoeshack


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