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Title:Hotels in Zanzibar Near the Beach Nungwi to Kendwa

Hotels in Zanzibar Near the Beach Nungwi to Kendwa, Tanzania This video you will see the hotels in Zanzibar near the beach at Nungwi all the way to Kendwa Rocks. North Nungwi, This is the lovely quiet side of Nungwi Beach where you have the Turtle Aquarium at the end on the south. Double Tree by Hilton is in this area is one of the best hotels in Nungwi. Other Hotels include Flame Tree Cottages and Smiles Beach Hotel.Smiles Beach Hotel. The beach has a more local feel with fishermen and ladies and the traditional Dhow boats early in the morning. I would say this is the nicest beach in Nungwi and fairly quiet. However it does have a bit of seaweed on the sand. Nungwi Village You can’t go to Nungwi without visiting the village. Just walk around and see real life in Nungwi. It astonishes me that its literally 2 minutes walk behind these hotels. You can almost get anything you want there, but you might take a while trying to find it. A real African village to explore, with a lot of character and you can meet some wonderful friendly people. Hotels near the vilage include Ebony and Ivory, Union Bungalows, Paradise Beach Bungalows, Amaan Bungalows and Z Hotel. South Nungwi This area gets more crowded, especially around the Z Hotel area and there are a lot of tour touts offering to sell you boat trips to islands. They are friendly but after the tenth time it can get a bit annoying. Amaan Hotel is also around here which is an affordable hotel is recommended. There are a more restaurants and bars around here and its one of the best places to eat seafood near Paradise Bungalows in the evening. As you move south it gets more quieter with large resorts like Bao Bab Hotel and Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort. Kendwa The beach starts to get bigger and quieter again. There are mostly international tourists around this area. Reaching Kendwa, more hotels, noticeably Hotel La Gemma dell’ Est is a large Resort that is popular with foreigners in this area. Kendwa Rocks Hotel is the mecca of Kendwa. It has local and foreign tourists, so it’s a great mix. Chapters & Hotels in the video: 0:00 Intro 0:46 North Nungwi and Double Tree by Hilton, Smiles Beach Hotel & Flame Tree Cottages 1:48 Paradise Beach, Union Bungalows 2:19 Nungwi Village side, , Coco Cabana 3:00 Cholos Beach Club, Moma Mia Restaurant 3:40 Paradice Beach Hotel 4:12 Amaan Bungalows 5:00 Z Hotel 5:40 Shops and Nungwi Arts & Crafts 6:46 Bao Bab Beach Resort Hotel 7:35 Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort 8:50 Hotel La Gemma dell' Est 9:49 Kendwa Rocks Hotel Hotels featured in this video Double Tree by Hilton Flame Tree Cottages Smiles Beach Hotel Ebony and Ivory Union Bungalows Paradise Beach Bungalows Amaan Bungalows Z Hotel Bao Bab Hotel Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort Vera Club Hotel La Gemma dell' Est Kendwa Rocks Hotel πŸ”΄ Subscribe for more free content like this: https://youtube.com/c/ArchitectRussell?sub_confirmation=1 βœ… CONNECT WITH ME ON INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/architect.russell βœ… Share this video with a friend: youtu.be/jNue-QtLdFY βœ… Watch next: SUNDAY IN DAR ES SALAAM https://youtu.be/dRTQ_0MY-8s βœ… MORE VIDS IN TANZANIA: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlrIcUDXP58J7y4hj7GKLqz… βœ… DRONE VIDEOS: /playlist?list=PLlrIcUDXP58LoV99y9cHwO9q3dZuiHeNj βœ… RECOMMENDED CHINA PLAYLIST SERIES: /playlist?list=PLlrIcUDXP58KTsIRCTDAFIhyQSC3m5XUf βœ… RECOMMENDED PHILIPPINES PLAYLIST SERIES:: /playlist?list=PLlrIcUDXP58Irorr6GVJtJJg669QzrPtA βœ… Let’s connect: Instagram: www.instagram.com/architect.russell LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/russellmhenderson/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/ArchitectRussell/ Twitter: twitter.com/RusArchitect Website: www.architectrussell.com/ Music in this video by: Epidemic Sounds www.epidemicsound.com/referral/kp9pp5/ __ Russell is a Chartered RIBA Architect from the UK living and working in Tanzania. You can subscribe if you like: youtube.com/c/ArchitectRussell?sub_confirmation=1


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