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Title:Take Me to Church LGBT+ MEP // Volume One (13+)

I HAVE DISBALED THE COMMENTS! It is not that I don't appreciate your kind and encouraging words because I do. However this video has gotten a lot of attention and my notifications have become filled with a lot of comments. Most of them saying how me and my fellow editors have "ruined their childhood". I must say that if we can do that than I would be truly honored lol. To know I can ruin your WHOLE CHILDHOOD with a 4 minute video!! It makes my heart swell with pride! Also, people have been mentioning the "all lives matter" at the end of the video. That is not in any way there to denounce Black Lives Matter. Please do not think it is. It was put there as a statement by the editor and simply didn't age well. Hey everybody! Here is volume one of my LGBT+ Multi-Editor Project! I am SO happy with how this came out. Everybody did such a wonderful job! Please check out their channels and sub them if you haven't already! NOTE!: This is the censored version of the MEP. I have uploaded the uncensored version, but it unlisted and has an age restriction on it. I am doing it this way because when the wonderful AiraChica uploaded her video it was quickly taken down due to a scene with both Belle and Jane being naked. But don't worry! I have posted a link below so you can see Jane in all her naked glory! UNCENSORED VERSION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_OwY... Volume Two: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpWVE... Song: Take me to Church (pitched) Artist: Hozier Theme: LGBT+ couples have it rough. + P.A.R.T.S. + Part One: CordelunaSol - John Smith & Tarzan (Gay) youtube.com/user/Cordelun... Part Two: AiraChica - Jane & Belle (Lesbian) youtube.com/user/airachica Part Three: Ajotma - Milo & Sinbad (Gay) youtube.com/user/Ajotma Part Four: TaoStars309 - Jack Frost & Kristoff (Gay) youtube.com/user/TaoStars309 Part Five: NightShayde - Odette & Pocahontas (Lesbian) youtube.com/user/charmedg... Part Six: highgreenbunny - Jasmine & Esmeralda (Lesbian) Part Seven: charmedpoison - Rapunzel & Merida!Jonathan (Transgender) youtube.com/user/charmedp... Part Eight: AiraChica - Madellaine & Thumbelina (Lesbian)


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