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Title:Vintage Sprayit Diaphragm Air Brush Compressor Restoration.

This is a vintage Sprayit diaphragm airbrush compressor Model #600-8 by THOMAS INDUSTRIES. I got this from a kind old man from Facebook Market Place. I hope you enjoy the video. If you have any suggestions for improvement, or compliments share them below! Please leave a like if you did like the video, please subscribe and feel free to comment your thoughts and as always thank you for watching. The SPRAYIT Low-Pressure Canister Spray Gun can be used for a variety of different applications such as Automotive, Industrial, Marine, and Wood Working. The one-piece Lightweight Aluminum Gun Body with 1qt Aluminum Cup makes working with this spray gun very easy. The Stainless Steel Fluid Needle and Nozzle are corrosion resistant. The separate and adjustable fluid fan pattern allows you to control the paint flow for less waste. Convertible for bleeder and non-bleeder applications. Pressure or siphon feed converts from internal to external mix. The SPRAYIT brand has been manufacturing quality tools since 1928. Some History of the Spray Gun Who Invented Paint Sprayers? In 1887, Binks invented the very first spray gun for paint. It was a pump that had to be operated by hand, but a spray nozzle would disperse the paint thanks to the pressurization container which kept the contents under pressure. Basically, old-school paint sprayers work like the pump sprayers you would use today in your yard. This saved everyone an enormous amount of time and in 1893, after his work for the Colombian Exposition, Binks would become a household name throughout the US Midwest. The Invention of the Atomization Process and DeVilbiss The modern spray gun does more than just put paint under pressure so it can be sprayed outward. It also atomizes the paint so a fairly even coat of paint can be sprayed onto the surface being worked on. The invention of this process actually started with a doctor who was looking for a better way to treat his patients. Dr. Allen DeVilbiss was trying to solve the riddle of a sore throat. If he gave patients a liquid medication for their pain, it wouldn’t be very helpful. Pills and tablets weren’t working either. To create a spray, Dr. DeVilbiss would use some tubing, a container base, and a rubber bulb to help create pressure and a lower overall atmosphere to create a vacuum that would create “droplets” of medicine. These droplets would then stick to the back of the throat. Like Father like Son It would be his son, Thomas, who would take this technology and apply it to a spray gun for paint in 1907. Thomas discovered that when compressed air was blown across the pickup tube after it was submerged in paint, a spray pattern which users could directly control would result. This technology was immediately picked up by the furniture industry because using spray guns reduced their finishing time. What is a Spray Gun Used For? The paint sprayers available from the 1920s to 1960s would go through some unique evolution. Users could swap out paint sprayers to spray different colors with ease. People discovered they could use food dyes in paint sprayers, so smaller models were made for the kitchen. Fabric makers were using spray guns to apply fire retardants and other protectors. World War II would also create a unique future industry: automobile paint sprayers. Many soldiers involved in the painting of ships, trucks, and other vehicles would find themselves able to use the same type of equipment to paint vehicles in Detroit. This would eventually lead to the development of gravity and siphon sprayers, which would then lead to electric models. You can spray almost anything with a spray gun including nail polish, tanning spray, undercoats, stain, fire retardant materials, oil-based paints, lacquers, varnishes, latex paint, the list goes on and on. HVLP Paint Sprayer History Today the HVLP development, which started in the 1980s, has again changed the paint spraying industry. Results are more consistent and less screening is required to create results. The history of the spray gun has helped many people complete DIY projects with ease. Have you found the right sprayer for your next project?


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