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Title:The Story of the Red Queen & the Knave, Anastasia & Will ; Part 2

For those of you who didn't see OUATIW, but want to know the story of Anastasia and Will. I condensed the total story to about 15 minutes, divided into 3 parts. This is part 2, which involves episodes 1-8. Oh, and "present day" Wonderland takes place at the beginning of the 2nd Season of OUAT. ---- Voiceovers: Percy: Alice. She needs you. Will: I didn't exactly leave that place on good terms. Will: Next stop-- Wonderland! Ana: I will get you those wishes. Jafar: In return for what, exactly? Ana: Will you indeed be able to change the laws of magic? Jafar: To make the impossible possible. You must have some truly unholy desires.. Ana: Oh, that I do. Alice: What Cyrus and I have-- well, you wouldn't understand. Will: No. I suppose I wouldn't. Alice: How did you get this way? Who did this to you? Will: You've got this picture of Cyrus in your mind-- these perfect little memories of how things were. But maybe that's just how they were for you. Alice: If you really believe that, what are we doing here? Silv: If you ever had a heart, I don't know what happened to it. But then again, maybe your precious Anastasia used it all up. Alice: Who's Anastasia? Will: That is a tale of heartbreak. Will: Because when somebody truly loves you, they can never move on. Ana: You should never have come back to Wonderland, Will. Will: I'm clearly not attracted to nice, normal women. Will: Maybe you've fooled all these people into believing you're some kind of queen, but I know who you really are, Anastasia. Will: Is this the part where you get to catch me escaping? Give you an excuse to kill me? Ana: Oh, I don't need an excuse to kill you, I need an excuse not to kill you. Ana: Don't be a fool now, Will. Will: If I'm a fool, it's only because you made me one. Will: I think there's one thing even you won't do. Ana: What's that? Will: Kill me. Ana: You should know better than anyone that the surest way to make me do something is to tell me that I can't. Will: Ya can't. Will: Anastasia! Alice: Stop him, make him stop! Alice: He was your friend too, once. More than a friend, from what I gather. Or was he just a means to an end as well? Ana: Sorry. Will: If it wasn't you, then who was it? Alice: Anastasia had a bit of magic dust. Will: Bloody hell! Will: The queen wouldn't be caught dead in a place like this. But a girl named Anastasia and I... yeah. We had a few laughs here. Alice: Tell me why. Why you did all of this. Will: You've got everything! What more could you need? Ana: You, Will. Will: You had me! All of me! My heart.. my soul.. my life. And you tossed me aside like a piece of rubbish. All for a little red crown. Ana: I made a mistake! I see that now, don't you see, that's why I've done all this-- so Jafar could change the laws of magic, so he can undo the mistake and change the past, Will! Will: You'll never have me. ----- Song: Pieces - Red


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