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Title:SHWET (Official) | Hindi Worship Song (Lyrics) | ft. Badal Gottlieb | Eternal Praise Ministries 2022

#NewChristianSong #WorshipSong #WorshipSong 2022 #SoulMusic #GospelSong #JesusSongs #EternalPraiseMinistries #EP #ShwetOfficial #BadalGottlieb Thank you all for your support and encouragement. If you are blessed by this song, do like subscribe and share it with others and don't forget to click on the bell icon to stay updated with us. Song Description 1 Thessalonians 5:23 :Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you completely, and may your entire spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. This song is the cry of a person's heart to Jesus Christ. The cry for sanctification, the cry for a more deeper understanding of God, the cry for practical application of Christ's character in one's life. Whenever you find yourselves in an alter ready to make a sacrifice, this is the song or a prayer you can sing unto GOD to express the true desires of your heart. Do understand that when Jesus came to your life and you gave your life to Him, you are already IN/The righteousness of GOD. You are holy. The cry in this song for sanctification can be understood in the context of washing of feet. “He who is bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean; and you are clean, but not all of you.” NASB - John 13:12 If you really find this song to be a blessing to you, do share it with others. ETERNAL PRAISE- SEASON 1 Song Name: SHWET Written By: Badal D Gottlieb Composed By: Badal D Gottlieb Published By: Eternal Praise Date: 27th MAY 2022. Audio & Video Production Grace Studios, Bhilai. Musicians: Keyboard & Programming - Armaan Daniel Lead Guitar - John Stephen & Armaan Daniel Acoustic Guitar : Badal Gottlieb Drums - Royal Peroze Walter Bass Guitar - Ashish Kotangle Choir & Backup Vocals: Sangeet Gottlieb, Armaan Daniel, Ashmita Patil, Ekta Singh, Rashmi & Raja Thapa. Video Feature: Badal D Gottlieb Armaan daniel Royal Peroze Walter John Stephen Ashish Kotangle Mukesh Anosh Isha Sangeet Gottlieb Ashmita Patil Ekta Singh Rashmi & Raja Thapa. Creative Designs by: Jesse Jonathan David Special Thanks to Akash Kumar; Shashank Sharma; Tushar Innes; Anurag Nand; Utkarsh Ingle; Tikendra Sapaha; Church of Saviour Korba ;Sharon AG Church Bhilai; Assembly of believers church Jamshedpur; Hope Unlimited Church Hyderabad; Jesse Jonathan David; Sekel Jeet; and many other direct and indirect supporters. Shout out and Thanks to Mr. Armaan Daniel from Grace Studios Bhilai Chhattisgarh for taking up this project and encouraging the team to work diligently towards it. Connect Here: INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/badal_gottlieb_/ EMAIL: contact@eternalpraise.in SONG LYRICS Pre Chorus Karne mai aaya hu tujhse ye dua, Sun le meri ye prathna. Sab kuch tu janta tu hai Khuda, Phir bhi tu sun meri ye dua. Chorus Choo k mujhe tu shvet kar de. Choo k mujhe tu aatma se bhar de. Stanza Taaki mai dekh saku. Taaki mai sun saku. Tujhe mai choo saku. Mehsus karu. Choo k mujhe... Stanza Taaki mai prem karu. Taaki mai vishwas karu. Taaki mai dheeraj Dharu. Sab seh saku. Choo k mujhe... Bridge Abba, Abba, Abba, Abba... Abba, Abba, Abba... -2 Tu hi toh hai. Tere bina. Tere siva. Koi nai Abba. Abba.... Abba.... END Taaki mai dekh saku, Taaki mai sun saku... HINDI Lyrics करने मैं आया हूं तुझसे ये दुआ, सुन ले मेरी ये प्रार्थना। सब कुछ तू जनता तू है खुदा, फिर भी तू सुन मेरी ये दुआ। छू के मुझे तू श्वेत कर दे। छू के मुझे तू आत्मा से भर दे। ताकी मैं देख साकू। ताकी मैं सुन साकू। तुझे मैं चू साकू। महसूस कारू। छू के मुझे... ताकी मैं प्रेम करू। ताकी मैं विश्वास कारु। ताकी मैं धीरज धारू। सब सेह साकू। छू के मुझे... अब्बा, अब्बा, अब्बा, अब्बा... अब्बा, अब्बा, अब्बा... -2 तू ही तो है। तेरे बीना। तेरे सिवा। कोई नहीं अब्बा। अब्बा ... ताकी मैं देख साकू, ताकी मैं सुन सकु... PS:- If you've come this far I want to pray for you. Whether you know Jesus or don't, He knows you. He knows your struggle. He knows you wanna get out of the situation that you are in. He knows you want to change your life but you cannot. Don't worry He's got you. Even if you don't know Him , in your heart pray this prayer with me: Lord Jesus, I need you to change my life. I can't do it by myself. I've tried many ways of my own to do it but I just can't do it. Change my life and I'll give this life to you. In your precious name I ask this prayer....Amen. And that's it. Just believe that your life is gonna take a U turn. It might happen in an instant right now or it might happen in the course of few days, but it's gonna happen. Get ready!!! Father I pray for all those who listen to this song and pray to you. Let them be filled with your HolySpirit, in Jesus name- Amen Copyright © Eternal Praise Ministries 2022 | All Rights Reserved | Any unauthorized broadcasting, public performance, copying, or rerecording of this music or video without prior written permission from Eternal Praise Ministries will constitute an infringement of copyright.


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