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Title:Gossip Girl - Ending Scene - “Lies Wide Shut” (1x03)

The next morning, a tired Zoya puts her Instagram account into private mode after finally reaching one too many notifications. Julien, herself on her way to school, makes the decision to leave her phone behind. Roy, bags in hand, tries to look at Gideon, but he refuses to look at his now-separated spouse. Aki and Audrey awkwardly meet - he asks his girlfriend if she liked it, to which she reluctantly admits but claims she doesn't want to do it again. Aki says likewise, and the pair apologize to each other. They kiss in reconciliation. Rima finishes cleaning out her locker, saying she couldn't resist posting the info on George's boss and notes the firewall didn't work. An apologetic Kate says it could have happened to any of them, and Jordan remarks he's sorry for her. She lastly tells her friends she didn't crack during their interrogation and their identities are a secret. When Rima leaves, Kate asks Jordan if he put the firewall back on. Kate feels terrible, but the two reveal their contacts at other private schools has made Gossip Girl gone citywide.

Monet and Luna wait for Jordan to arrive. When she does, they inform her peak posting hour is upon them. However, their friend states she left her phone behind. Baffled, Monet tells her not to worry as she can download her presets and post from her phone. Julien, with a tone of finality, says she left her phone on purpose and walks off. Monet tells Luna Zoya won't play along so they need to reinstate order as it was once - JC on top, alone. Luna coyly reveals she has intel on Little Z to truly make her history. Monet says if they won't start a war themselves, they'll start one for them. Luna whispers it to Monet's ear, pleased at the scandalousness. The girls smirk sinisterly at the courtyard.

While the school takes drastic measures to smoke out Gossip Girl’s identity, a blind item threatens to put an end to a Constance couple. Max pushes Julien to explore life outside her comfort zone, prompting both teens to uncover shocking family secrets. Zoya turns to an unlikely ally for help fitting in. #GossipGirl #xoxoGossipGirl #HBOGossipGirl #HBO


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