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Title:Kanhaiya Kumar’s Latest Interview on Democracy, Kashmir, Nationalism, Propaganda and Left vs. Right

The former JNUSU president, Kanhaiya Kumar, who was charged for sedition in 2016, talks about what he stands for, his understanding of democracy, nationalism and propaganda.

Kumar talks about how the state introduces divisive debates in the larger discourse of social issues rendering real issues, such as development, education, health, employment, irrelevant. This propagandistic approach is being capitalised upon by the current regime. About nationalism, he says,” it is a feeling and a sense of association. Nobody has the thermometer to measure it. And their point of reference for making such a measurement is Pakistan. My nationalism is not hatred based.”

On the issue of Kashmir, he adds that the territory is disputed because of vested interests of not just India and Pakistan but also international parties. Large businesses of arms and social welfare operate because of the Kashmir conflict. Kumar says that the people of Bihar also face the same issues including state failure and other-isation.

The world, according to him, is witnessing a rise of the right-wing forces that feeds on the need for a sense of pride and xenophobic tendencies. In the Indian context, he talks about how the Indian right-wing spent time on institution building rather than worrying about coming into power. They, instead, made sure that once they came to power, every institution was theirs.

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