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Title:Ross and Joey Works at the Museum of Natural History

Watch and study English with "Friends" [SCENE: Museum cafeteria. There are three tables. Joey is sitting at an end table with 2 other guys wearing the same blue blazer. The table in the middle is empty. The table on the other side is filled with guys in white coats.] [A girl (Rhonda) with a blue blazer enters the cafeteria and starts to sit down next to Joey.] Joey: Oh, uh, would you mind sitting here? [gesturing across from him] I'm saving this seat for my friend Ross. Rhonda: You mean Dr. Geller? Joey: Doctor? I didn't know he had a nickname. Rhonda: Oh, he won't sit here. Only the people in the white coats sit over there [gesturing to the other end table] and only the people with the blue blazers sit over here. Joey: Well, uh, how come? Rhonda: That's just the way it is. Joey: That's crazy. Rhonda: Maybe it's crazy in a perfect world -- a world without lab coats or blazers. But you not in a perfect world. You in a museum now. [looks behind her] See that scientist with the glasses? [Joey looks at him] He and I used to play together all the time in grade school. Hmph, but now... [turns around and yells] PETER! HEY PETER! [the scientist looks nervously at her but doesn't respond] IT'S ME RHONDA, FROM P.S. 129. I SHARED MY PUDDING WITH YOU, MAN! I GAVE YOU MY SNACK PACK! [turns around back to Joey] See, he pretend he [turns back to the scientist] DON'T EVEN HEAR ME. Joey: I, I think everybody's pretending they don't hear you. Look, I don't know about you and your jackets and your separate tables but Ross is one of my best friends. If I save him a seat, I'm telling you, he will sit in it. [Ross enters the cafeteria wearing his white lab coat and goes to the table with the other scientists.] Joey: Ross, Ross, over here man. [gestures beside him] I saved you a seat. Ross: [puts his tray on the table with the other scientists. He looks at the scientists and then at Joey.] That's okay, I'm cool over here. I'll catch up with you later. [Rhonda looks knowingly at Joey. Another girl in a green shirt comes to sit in what was Ross's saved seat.] Rhonda: Oops, this is saved. [Rhonda shoos the girl away. The girl goes to the middle table. Joey looks questioningly at Rhonda.] Rhonda: Gift shop. [SCENE: Museum cafeteria. Once again, the scientists and tour guides are segregated. Joey is eating with the other tour guides. Ross enters and slowly walks towards his usual scientist table. For simplicity, I'll refer to the various people as Scientists or Tour Guides.]   Scientist #1: Dr. Geller, there's a seat over here. [Gesturing across from him] Ross: Thank you Dr. Phillips, but I'm having my lunch at this table [puts tray down on middle table] in the middle. I'm having my lunch right here with my good friend Joey, if he'll sit with me. Joey: [gets up, tray in hand, and walks to the middle table] I will sit with you Dr. Geller. [he puts his tray down on the table and Ross and Joey shake hands.] Ross: You know, we work in the Museum of Natural History, and yet there is something unnatural about the way we eat lunch. Now, I look around this cafeteria, and you know what I see? I see division. Division between people with white coats and people in blue blazers. And I ask, myself, my God, WHY? Now I say, we shed these coats that separate us and get to know the people underneath. [He whips off his lab coat and throws it on the floor.] I'm Ross. I'm divorced, and I have a kid. Joey: [stands up, whips coat off and throws it on the floor vehemently] I'm Joey. I'm an actor. I don't know squat about dinosaurs. Tour Guide #1: [stands up from tour guide table and takes blazer off] I'm Ted, and I just moved here a month ago, and New York really scares me. Ross: All right, there you go. Joey: You hang in there Ted! Scientist #1: [gets up from scientist table and removes lab coat] I'm Andrew, and I didn't pay for this pear [holds up pear from lunch tray] Ross: Okay, okay, good for you. Tour Guide #2: [gets up and removes blazer] I'm Rhonda, and these [gestures to her breasts] aren't real! [Joey and Ross look stunned.] Ross: [stammering] oh, uh, er, Wow, Rhonda. Scientist #2: [stands up and removes labcoat] I'm Scott. Ross: Ah, okay Scott! Scott: I have to turn the light switch on and off 17 times before leaving a room or my family will die.


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