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Title:Aladdin Theme Song | Version -2 | Hone Lage Hain Yeh Silsile | Lyrical Planet

Hone Lage Hain Yeh Silsile Song Aladdin & Yasmine Theme Music

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Aladdin Yasmine Theme Bg Tune Hone Lage Hain Yeh Silsile

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The story starts with Mallika, a powerful and evil enchantress, who plans to take over the world. Her plans are foiled by her happy-go-lucky, innocent and good-hearted servant Hassan who tricks her by turning her into a stone statue. Before completely turning into stone, she transforms Hassan into a Genie and traps him in a lamp which would not be found for 500 years. She promises to return around the same time.

500 years later, a boy named Aladdin is born in Baghdad who is the true owner of the lamp. He is a kind-hearted, selfless young man who always tries to make everyone happy. He is Baghdad's notorious Black Thief whom many have tried to capture but have failed. He becomes the Black Thief on the insistence of his greedy aunt Nazneen, uncle Mustafa and narcissist cousin, Gulbadan. Aladdin and his mother Rukhsar are deeply in debt and are constantly taunted as Rukhsar's husband Omar was accused of being a traitor and was arrested by the royal guards. However, Rukhsar does not believe this.

Aladdin developed a crush on Baghdad's Princess Yasmine in his childhood and hasn't stopped liking her since, even though he hasn't seen her. Yasmine is a beautiful and self-determined young lady who aspires to become Baghdad's Queen someday. She is quite independent and kind-hearted. Piddhi is Yasmine's handmaiden and best friend with whom she shares everything. Piddhi is a sweet and innocent girl who often gives Yasmine good advice and comforts her when she is upset. Piddhi is also a friend of Aladdin and has a crush on him, but Aladdin is unaware of Piddhi's feelings. Zafar, the manipulative Grand Vizier of Baghdad, plans to kill the King, marry Yasmine and take over the throne of Baghdad by retrieving the magical lamp. He decides to seek the help of the Black Thief.

Yasmine leaves the palace mimicking the Black Thief to solve the mystery of a missing diamond. There, she meets Aladdin for the first time. Aladdin is unaware of the fact that Princess Yasmine is standing in front of him and accuses her of dressing up as the ‘Fake Black Thief’. Because of this misunderstanding, Aladdin and Yasmine develop a mutual disliking for each other. Yasmine leaves after noticing that the diamond is fake.

Zafar orders Aladdin to retrieve the lamp from a deep desert offering him 10,000 gold coins in exchange for the magical lamp to which Aladdin agrees. Yasmine finds a Black Book in which all illegal activities in Baghdad are recorded. There, she once again meets Aladdin and their bags get switched. They both get into an argument thinking that the other stole the bags and encounter a village under control of magic. The people use magic on Yasmine to make her their head. Aladdin saves her and frees the people from magic. He and Yasmine part ways their relationship a little bit better.

After overcoming many challenges, Aladdin meets the protector of the lamp who is none other than his father Omar, but both of them are unaware of this fact. Omar takes a test of Aladdin and realizes that Aladdin is good at heart and takes him to the cave. Aladdin uses his smartness to get the lamp but is unable to escape, as a gold coin accidentally gets stuck inside his dress of which he was unaware. So the cave locked him inside thinking that his intentions are bad and he only craves for the treasure.

Trapped in the cave, Aladdin rubs the lamp out of frustration and becomes the master of Hassan, who is now a genie. Aladdin leaves the cave with the help of Hassan. Omar gives Aladdin the responsibility to take care of Hassan. They return to Baghdad where Aladdin introduces Hassan as Sheikh Ginu. Omar decides to seek revenge from the people who framed him. He believes that the person who framed him and killed Rukhsar is none other than the King, unaware that it was actually Zafar.


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