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Title:Singapore Nightlife Diary : Episode 18, Famous Singaporean Comedian Rara Kumar says HAVE ALOT OF SEX

Singaporean legend Kumar killing it at local club Attica's 6th anniversary with the comedy queen herself owning the stage with great original jokes that cross cultural divides. @MAGNUM PiCTURES: Making Art Not Content captures the moments live. #SingaporeNightlifeDiary #rarakumar #kumar

Some excerpts of the show.

Cockasian cos they put their cock in an asian.

Singapore only got one GOD staying in Oxley road

When u reach orgasm please tell other party.

Singapore Nightlife Diary is a passion project. An attempt by its creator to find his voice as a filmmaker once again after some 12 years in the nightlife business. An attempt to make sense of where he is headed with what has come to pass after being inspired to start this with terabytes of videos he found shot on all different kinds of cameras ranging from iphone to professional broadcast and DSLRs unwittingly saved on his 11 year old imac and its surrounding pile of hard disks. He can't quite figure out the objective of this endeavour is but decides to do it anyways. Maybe he feels there's a story or 2 be told here and he's gonna try to tell it. That's all for now.

The Singapore Nightlife Diary isn't just about NIGHTCLUBS & PARTIES Its celebrates all legitimate/legal NIGHT time activities in Singapore and the world over. It creator hopes it will be a movement, a lifelong quest of like minded people to come together to better understand the human condition better what it is to live, love, laugh, eat and party seen through the lens with the filter of the night or the DAY AFTER. Singaporeans and people everywhere work in the day and in the night they come out to play. We wanna see people play. Express Joy in return we will show you people playing expressing their joy.

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Kumarason Chinnadurai (born 10 August 1968, in Singapore), popularly known as Kumar, is a Singaporean Indian comedian and television host, actor, and drag queen. He made his name at the Boom Boom Room and was, for a time, synonymous with the cabaret nightclub as its resident performer. Having spent nearly two decades as an entertainer, he has amassed a string of television, stage, and film credits. Currently, he is a regular performer at Hard Rock Café. He released his biographical book, Kumar: From Rags To Drag, in September 2011. In his book, he publicly came out as gay, making him the first entertainer in Singapore to come out.[1] He is one of the few openly-gay public figures in Singapore.

From childhood, Kumar had dressed at home as a girl.[6] When his parents discovered him cross-dressing as an adult for his work, his father did not speak to him for seven years, and his mother thought he was a prostitute.[7] Due to transgender discrimination in Singapore, it is common for trans women to work as prostitutes.[8][9]

While he first came out to fans as gay in his 2009 performance Kumar: Stripped Bare and Standing Up [10], Kumar made it official in his 2011 biography.[1] Kumar has hinted at his sexual orientation and gender identity through his comedy routines and televised interviews.[7] He has stated that he is "half man half woman", that he is "more woman than man", and that he has been called out by children as transgender. In Singaporean culture, the "drag queen" identity falls under the transgender umbrella [11], and a scholar from the National University of Singapore noted that Kumar was the first transgender celebrity to serve as an ambassador to the annual LGBT Pride event in Singapore called Pink Dot.[11]

Same-sex sexual activity, as well as being openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender in Singapore, remains illegal.[12] For these reasons, Kumar keeps the identities of his significant others private.[13]

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