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Title:Emily And Sue Confess Their Love For Each Other | Dickinson Season 2x10 |

Sue was dealing with an overwhelming friend/lover, one who can become a burden (something I’m sure many of us have dealt with in a relationship). She may not have handled it in the best way, but her remorse is real. Emily is too hurt to take it in. “Without me, I don’t think you know how to have feelings,” she shouts. It’s cruel, but not unearned. “You’re right,” Sue responds and starts confessing her love for Emily. Started by 2 friends, who constantly asked each other - "Hey have you watched this movie/episode/show?", with the purpose to upload our favorite moments from movies/series and then engage into the typical conversation that a cinematography geeks would do. You know what we mean, the playing of the actors, the meaning of the scene, the anxiety and impatience for the next episode or season, and etc. ​ ​Seeing that our videos are bringing joy and value not only to us, but to other people as well, we decided to start adding scenes and trailers from movies and series, which we believe you'd enjoy. Subscribe for daily videos, like and comment if you like what you see, or share with us your preferences and your favorite moments from a movie or a series you enjoy watching. SUBSCRIBE: /channel/UCVkI_IwiYvCcsF6zjWaLg9g SUPPORT: www.patreon.com/cinemacraft #emily #sue #dickinson #kiss


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