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Title:iDIG Music Fest 2015: Video Games Live Bonus Stage 2 [Malach, Angel Messenger]

*WARNING* This video is part of a set! Please click the links below for playlists to view the content in chronological order, either in full or with just the music. Video Games Live Full 1st Half: /playlist?list=PLRrxB0uc-AZmn0elT1kmZ1YIyb-FRwiHc Video Games Live [Music Only]: /playlist?list=PLRrxB0uc-AZnXA_X5890EF9MXZIze8YEH This was the moment I was waiting for all night. This was the reason I conserved my phone's last breath of life and memory. For the first time, Eimear Noone would be on stage with Video Games Live to conduct her own majestic composition for World of Warcraft, Warriors of Draenor, called Malach, Angel Messenger. This piece was fine listening to begin with, but Eimear, Craig and Tommy couldn't leave it at that. Oh no! Craig and Eimear got a bunch of talented musicians to pick up an instrument and record themselves playing their part of the song for YouTube. Craig then assembled these pieces to play in harmony with the actual live orchestra! Eimear was so obviously energized by the magnitude of the situation that you can see it in her movements. My God, watch at 3:45 when the orchestra just blows up. The sheer power. I shiver every time. I didn't think I was going to like any section more than Sonic the Hedgehog, but my God this one really did it. Bravo, Video Games Live. Bravo Tommy Tallarico. Bravo Craig Stewart Garfinkle! And Bravo to you, Eimear Noone! I knew you could pull this off, but even I'm surprised how well you did it. You took the seed of a pipe dream and made it a reality in a year's time, and brought some of the best minds in the business back to your homeland to show your kin what you've made of yourself while you were gone. We are so proud of you. The original version for Blizzard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=__dK_... E-mail: vir.animus@gmail.com Twitter: @va.games Skype: va.games Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/VAgames/200514833347982 VA Games trademark and other art assets supplied by Ilu V'm Piche of www.knightsofhyrule.org/ youtube.com/knightsofhyruleorg "Science Academy Research Station" is a musical composition by Blake Robinson of the Black Robinson Synthetic Orchestra, which is off of his Super Metroid Symphony album. "Super Metroid- Title screen Orchestra"- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJJ7Jo... Blake Robinson's YouTube Channel: youtube.com/dummeh Purchase the Super Metroid Symphony Album here for only $10: www.loudr.fm/release/super-metroid-symphony/v45xt I use these art assets, in part or in whole, with express written permission from their respective authors.


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