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Title:Khuli Chana - 9 Shots (Official Music Video)

WARNING: content displayed in this video are of a sensitive nature and not suitable for persons under the age of 13 and sensitive viewers. PG 13. 9 Shots is not a single taken off any of Khuli Chana’s formal album offerings. 9 Shots was released as a free download for fans last year on 28 October 2014 which marked exactly one year after the unfortunate mistaken identity and subsequent shooting incident. 9 Shots explores Khuli's metaphorical journey from anger to forgiveness. It further explores the oscillation he experienced between hopelessness to hopefulness as the very public and often very dramatic journey unfolded. As such it should not be taken out of context and viewed as a song attacking any individual or the SA Police Services at large. Instead it should seen as Khuli Chana's artistic attempt to visually and sonically express the plethora of emotions he felt as a victim of an accidental shooting that almost ended his life prematurely and the subsequent media furore that saw his name needlessly drawn through the mud through a series of false allegations and countless media headlines. It is his journey to healing in the medium that ultimately saved his life: MUSIC. Track Details: Song Title: 9Shots (Magata) Performed by: Khuli Chana Composer: LL "Towdeemac" Moagi Author: KN "Khuli Chana" Morule Publishers: Mythron Publishing (adm by Abundance Publishing) & Lenakana Entertainment ISRC Code: ZA-N77-14-00002 Video Details: Directed by: Kyle Lewis Director of Photography: Roscoe Vercueil Editor: Stephen du Plessis Make-up & Styling: Kaley Meyer A.D: Nic Eve Focus Puller: Antonie Stemmet Gaffer: Tannan Woods Score: Tapiwa Musvosvi Arcade Content LEVEL UP with Vusi Nova https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PH0wg... #Africori #TheBestInAfricanMusic #BestOfAfrica


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